Sunday, October 31, 2010

The New Champion


A new history was made this year after the Red Warrior finally succeeds to win the Malaysia Cup and become the new champion. This is the first time Kelantan ever win the game. Previously, Kelantan manage to get into the final in 1955, 1970 and 2009, but lost. Nevertheless, Kelantanese Team finally manages to repent all of that after winning the game 2 – 1 against Negeri Sembilan.

It is an interesting fact for 2009 and 2010 winner. Negeri Sembilan won the game in 2009 after Tuanku Muhriz was proclaimed as their new King. And in 2010, Kelantan wins the game after Sultan Muhammad V was proclaimed as the new Sultan of Kelantan.

Well Done Kelantan.
(Hmm.. hoping that Johor FA and Johor FC will wins the Malaysia Cup in the future…)



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