Monday, December 30, 2013

Malaysia, our country today is among the most unique country in the world. In term of power sharing, we are consist of 4 branches of Government - Executives, Legislative, Judiciary and Monarchy. So what are these branches do? In easy word, Executives is the administrator (Prime Minister and his cabinet), Legislative is the one who makes law, Judiciary is the one who enforces the law. The monarchy on the other hand, approve the law.

Technically that is the unique traits of Malaysia's power sharing. Each had been design to have check and balance in the government. Nevertheless, this unique traits have been protected by generation of Prime Ministers, until the time of Tun Mahathir Mohamad as the Prime Minister that is. The Tun Mahathir at the time not only removed the power of Parliament, but at several extend changing the Judiciary as well. Even how the Malaysian hate Tun Mahathir, something that they can agree on is many of them actually praise Tun Mahathir for removing the powers of the monarch. Nevertheless, that is the same action that has resulted the problems that we faces today.

Even when the the power of the Parliament and the Judiciary was removed at the time, the people still does not hate the Kings enough to let Tun Mahathir removed the power of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong 30 years ago. This gave the King and the Prime Minister a good check and balance because the King still has the authority of not signing the laws which he considered un-democratic, and that is a good thing. Because it prevented Malaysia to become dictatorship, because the Prime Minister need to have the consent of the King to do anything, or to pass any laws.

Nevertheless, the Tun Mahathir need to back down as his first attempt to remove the power of the monarchy failed.

The attack on Rulers

In the Tun Mahathir first attempt, not only the people are objecting the idea reducing the power of Monarchy, several prominent UMNO members were also against the idea. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Ku Li was opposed with Tun Mahathir at the time, and even went all over Malaysia to campaign against it. Personally he is related to His Royal Highness Raja Perempuan Anis of Kelantan. When Tun Mahathir realized that not all faction of UMNO supported him, the one who opposed him was left out when UMNO was re-registered as UMNO (Baru) and were forced to formed Semangat-46 in the end.

As clever as he may be, Tun Mahathir does not back down with the idea, but instead launch a consecutive personal attack to the monarchies by his fellow apprentices, his deputies. His deputies, the late Tun Ghafar Baba and Anwar Ibrahim are both hailed from Melaka and Pulau Pinang respectively. Thus, lacking the spirit of 'unreserved loyalty to the King' like many of the Malay in other states has. So, what does they do?

They have created a consecutive coverage of the royals ill-doing or abused of power in the government controlled mainstream media. Some of these stories were true. Regarding the Sultan of Johor (the murder issues) or the Yang Dipertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan (selling of awards and titles) and so on. But there were also lies.

  1. Anwar accused His Royal Highness the Sultan of Kelantan of smuggling. Among others were also allegation of the tax on the car (Sultan's Lamborghini) had not been paid. Anwar said the Conference of Rulers approves only a certain number of tax-free cars for the Rulers and that the Sultan of Kelantan had exceeded his quota.
    This is downright lies because it is not the Conference of Rulers but Kelantan UMNO State's Government that approves the number of tax-free cars for the Sultan of Kelantan. And the Sultan had not exceeded his quota of tax-free cars.
  2. The media then covers the footage of a Chinese towkay's mansion in Penang and said that the house was a house built by the Raja Muda of Selangor (now Sultan) using taxpayers money. The same footage also showed a Kedah House along Northam Road in Penang and said that this was a mansion owned by the Sultan of Kedah, and also built with the taxpayers money.
    The so-called mansion is an old colonial and rundown house owned by the UMNO Kedah State Government for the use of Kedah Civil Servants who visit Penang on business and is not owned by the Sultan at all.
  3. Then, the media showed a 'revelation' of a person called 'Tengku Wong' in Pahang, who was alleged to be the business partner of His Royal Highness the Sultan of Pahang, was ripping off the State's of millions in timberland. Nevertheless, this so called 'Tengku Wong' were the Menteri Besar's (Tun Mohd Khalil bin Yaakob) business partner who was a strong supporter of Anwar.
And the list went on and on until the people could no longer take it and there was much hatred against all Rulers all over the country. And that is the time when he launched a second successful attempt to amend the law so that any laws pass will become laws in 60 days even without the approval of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

The aftermath

People until today went on and on stating that Tun Mahathir was good for 'controlling' the monarchy. But looking at the current circumstances, which branch of Government that need to be control? Who is the one who has the power to increased the payment of GST, toll prices and etc nowadays? And all of us say, Tun Mahathir was brilliant to reduce the power of the monarch? Yes, very not wise. Returning back to the topic, what is the result that exactly we gain by reducing the power of the Monarch?

We have lost the only power that can denied the Prime Minister. When British left this country, it has gives us a very good system of power sharing and check and balance system between the government branches. But that all change in 1980s when the Prime Minister gain control of all government branches. In my opinion, the royal authority should be restored. Because, this is the only power that can denied any ruled that is un-constitutional and un-democratic.

Reference :-
Malaysia Today - The Myth of the Constitutional Monarchy

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak and His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah officially opened a bridge at the Malaysia - Brunei border to facilitate travel between the two countries. The Prime Minister and Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei signed a plaque and cut a ribbon in a symbolic gestures to open the Friendship Bridge (Jambatan Persahabatan) that goes across the Padaruan River and connects the Limbang Division in Sarawak to the Temburong District in Brunei Darussalam.

The bridge which is 189 meters long and 14 meters wide was built at a cost of RM20.8 million. The project was handled through negotiations of the Joint Project Team (JPT) and Bridge Management Committee (BMC) with the JPT meetings eight times and the BMC, thrice, in Kuala Lumpur and Bandar Seri Begawan. The launch of the project at the site was held on Sept 13, 2011 and construction work began in May last year. The bridge was completed last month.

The opening ceremony reflected the close bond between Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. The Chief Minister of Sarawak, Pehin Seri Abdul Taib Mahmud; the Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman; Federal Foreign Minister, Datuk Seri Anifah Aman; Federal Works Minister, Datuk Fadillah Yusof; and Home Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi were also present in the opening ceremony which was held on the bridge.  

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The monsoon season had hit Malaysia once again, the federation region in Sabah, Sarawak and the Malayan States on the eastern coast of Malaya were hard hit by the torrential rain that had poured down for several days. One of the State that first experience the fury of the North East monsoon wind were the State of Pahang. Several districts including Rompin, Pekan and even the State capital Kuantan were devastated by flood. The flood had become so severed that the Malaya electrical energy main supplier, the TNB need to isolate and shut down the electrical energy in the State's capital after the main Switch yard in Kuantan were also flooded, leaving the city in darkness. It became worst when the main reservoir in the upper river that flow to the city also had released its excess water when the dam can no longer with hold the increasing volume of water in it. It is the State's worst flood in 40 years.

TNB's Kuantan Main Switchyard which affected by flood.
Many people in Kuantan and several parts of Pahang need to be evacuate to the nearest evacuation camp, even though when the flood get worse, they need to be removed again and again to other evacuation camp. After Pahang, the flood started to hit in Johor, Terengganu and Kelantan.

When the people affected by the worsening rain and floods, it is a rare privileged to witness members of the State's revered royal family also taking parts to help the evacuees in the camp as part of their social contribution to the society. Among other were a rare privileged to witness Her Royal Highness the Tengku Puan Paduka Putri (Crown Princess) of Pahang, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah helping to prepare and serves food for the evacuees in evacuation camp.

HRH the Tengku Puan of Pahang personally attended the evacuees needs by preparing food for them.
It has long be known, the daughter of the late Sultan Iskandar al-Haj of Johor have a soft spot especially in term of her relation with the people of Pahang.

Monday, November 4, 2013


The Malaysia Cup 2013 had finished yesterday. The battle between The Red Warrior (Kelantan football team) and the Tok Gajah (Pahang Football Team) ended up with Pahang becoming the champion for 2013 after winning 1-0 in the final. This is the third time Pahang winning the Malaysia Cup since the last was in 1992. His Royal Highness the Tunku Muda of Pahang, Tunku Abdul Rahman ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah celebrated the victory with the team at the Shah Alam Stadium, where the tournament was held. Also accompanied the Tunku Muda was his sons, Tunku Eddie Akasya and Tunku Ahmad Firman Shah.

The winning goal of Pahang was scored by the team imported player, Matias Conti from Argentina. Almost 85,000 people came to the stadium to show support for their respective team. Torrential rain poured down the city before the game started last night.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Their Royal Highnesses the Raja Muda (Crown Prince) of Perlis and consort, the Raja Puan Muda (Crown Princess) of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Faizuddin and Tuanku Lailatul Shahreen Akashah attended the opening ceremony of ACMS Trent Park Limited in London, United Kingdom. ACMS stands for The Allianze of University College of Medical Sciences which currently has set up firmly in north London. The ACMS Limited office was officially open by the former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah bin Hj Ahmad Badawi.

ACMS Limited was establish on 13th January 2013 with a paid up capital of £100,000 to manage and secure purchased of of the building which was now the University College's campus. The area stretching 21 hectares on which formerly stood the Middlesex Polytechnic which was upgraded into a university in 1992 consisted of 20 buildings. 

The ACMS Limited secured the property worth about £50 million in July this year following the shift of Middlesex University to its new campus in Hendon in 2012. Also attended the ceremony were the wife of Tun Abdullah, Tun Jeanne Abdullah, and President of the ACMS, Datuk Zainuddin Md Wazir. The Raja Muda, Tuanku Syed Faizuddin held the position as Chancellor of AUCMS. 

picture from Bernama

Mrs Malaysia Globe Banquet

 Her Majesty the Raja Permaisuri Agong (Supreme Queen) of Malaysia, Tuanku Hajah Haminah attended the banquet of Mrs Malaysia Globe JW Marriot Hotel in Saturday night. The dinner is in conjunction of the Final Contest of Mrs Malaysia Globe 2013/2014. The arrival of Tuanku Hajah Haminah was greeted by the organizing chairman, Angela Lim. She was also introduced to the final 12 contestants.

In the event, the Raja Permaisuri Agong also witnessed a charity auction of items such as ring, necklace and wristwatch. In the auction, a total of RM500,000 were donated to Sultanah Haminah Orphans Foundation.

picture from Bernama

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finally, the time has arrived for me to post biography of the previous Sultan of Perak, His Royal Highness Sultan Idris Shah II. He has ruled the State from 1963 after the death of Sultan Yusuf Izzuddin Shah until his death in 1984. 

Sultan Idris Shah II was the 33rd Sultan of Perak Darul Ridzuan. He ruled the State for almost 21 years. During his reign, the State of Perak alongside other States of Malaya formed the new federation called Malaysia alongside the new States of Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah. 


Sultan Idris Shah II was born at Istana Negara, Bukit Chandan, Perak in the Royal City of Kuala Kangsar on 12th August 1924. He was the eldest surviving son of Sultan Iskandar Shah al-Kaddasullah by his third wife, Raja Puteh Umi Kalsom binti Raja Kulop Muhammad Kramat. He was first appointed as Hereditary Prince and was invested with the title of Raja Di Hilir of Perak on 10th May 1934. He was 10 years old at that time. He later were promoted as the Raja Bendahara of Perak on 15th October 1938. He was finally appointed as the Heir Apparent of the State and invested with the title of Raja Muda of Perak (Crown Prince) on 12th July 1948 when he was just 24 years old. 

He ascended the throne of Perak after the death of his cousin, Sultan Yusuf Izzuddin Shah on 4th January 1963. He was proclaimed as the Sultan of Perak on 6th January 1963 and officially installed at Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar on 26th October 1963. 


Sultan Idris Shah II married a total of 8 times in his lifetime. Several of his marriages ended up in divorced. 

Raja Noor Izzah

Sultan Idris Shah II is first married to his cousin, Raja Noor Izzah binti Raja Ali at Kuala Kangsar on 12th August 1943. She was styled as Raja Puan Besar of Perak (Crown Princess) in 1948 when Sultan Idris Shah was appointed as Raja Muda at the time. The marriage is childless. She was divorced on 17th October 1957. 

Raja Muzwin, the Raja Perempuan of Perak

Sultan Idris Shah II is secondly married to Raja Muzwin binti Raja Arif Shah in 1944 during the end of World War II. She was granted the title as Raja Puan Besar of Perak (Crown Princess) on 24th November 1957 after Raja Noor Izzah was divorced. She eventually become the principle consort of the Sultan and been invested the title as Raja Perempuan of Perak (Queen of Perak) by Sultan Idris Shah II at Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar on 26th October 1963. She remain to be his wife until his demise in 1984. The marriage produced 5 children, 2 sons and 3 daughters. Nevertheless, only 4 survived to adulthood.

1. Raja Nazhatul Shima, Raja Puan Mahkota (1952)
2. Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain, Raja Kechil Besar of Perak
3. Raja Zarith Sofia, the Sultanah of Johor (1959)
4. Raja Jamil Ariffin. (1962)
5. Raja Radziatul Zahar (b. 1965 ; died young)

Che Asmah 

The third wife of Sultan Idris Shah was Che Asmah. Not much is known regarding Che Asmah, nevertheless the marriage ended up in divorced. The marriage produced a son.

1. Raja Izzudin Iskandar. (1954)

Che Hanizah

The fourth wife of Sultan Idris Shah II was Che Hanizah Abdullah. Her maiden name before conversion to Islam was Annie Chin. Much is unknown regarding Che Hanizah, and the marriage ended up in divorced prior to 1962. The marriage nevertheless produced three children, 2 sons and a daughter.

1. Raja Shahruzzaman 
2. Raja Halimathon Shahrin (1957)
3. Raja Alang Iskandar (1958)

Che Aminah, Che Puan Negara

The fifth wife of Sultan Idris Shah II was Che Aminah Abdullah. She was married to Sultan Idris Shah II in 1961. Her maiden name was Amy Lim Kam Fong and took the name Aminah upon reversion to Islam. She was invested the title as Yang Teramat Mulia Che Puan Negara (Her Highness Che Puan Negara) on 4th March 1963 and was officially installed at Istana Kinta, Ipoh on 27th February 1964. The marriage is childless and ended up in divorced on 6th April 1974.

Sharifah Salmah

The sixth wife of Sultan Idris Shah II was Sharifah Salmah binti Syed Ahmad Al-Kaf. She was married to Sultan Idris Shah II on 30th March 1964 at Government House, Melaka. She was the former wife of Sultan Salehuddin Abdul Aziz Shah of Selangor. She remain to be his wife until his demise in 1984. The marriage produced 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter. 

1. Raja Shahruddin Rashid
2. Raja Juliana Rafeah (1970)
3. Raja Ahmaddin Razman (1971)

Che Satira

The seventh wife of Sultan Idris Shah II was Che Satira Abdullah. She was married to Sultan Idris Shah II on 9th December 1967. Her maiden name was Suteen and took the name Satira upon her reversion to Islam. The marriage is childless. She remain to be his wife until his demise in 1984.

Che Norizan

The eighth wife of Sultan Idris Shah II was Che Norizan binti Haji Hamzah. The marriage produced 2 children, a son and a daughter. She remain to be his wife until his demise in 1984.

1. Raja Saidatul Mardhiah (1981)
2. Raja Shuib (1982)


Sultan Idris Shah II received his first education at Malay School Bukit Chandan on 5th January 1931, but later he was admitted to English School Clifford in Kuala Kangsar. He further his studies at Malay College Kuala Kangsar on December 1938. From 1934 to 1945, he has served in the State's Public Services. He later received his training in administration and was served at State's of Perak Secretary Office. In prior to his elevation as the Crown Prince, he was studied in the University of London, UK.


Sultan Idris Shah II died while touring in Lumut, Perak after ruled the State of Perak for 21 years. His remainder was been put to rest at Royal Mausoleum Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar. His posthumous name is Marhum Afifullah.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

In the last month, a historic event takes place in the State of Sarawak. The ash's of the late Rajah Muda of Sarawak, Anthony Brooke returned to Sarawak. The late Rajah Muda were put to rest at the Brooke's Graveyard located at the vicinity of Fort Margherita and The Astana, the official residence of Yang Dipertua Negeri of Sarawak. The funeral ceremony were held at St. Thomas Church to fulfill the last wish of the Rajah Muda who wants to be put to rest in Sarawak. Anthony Brooke died on 2 March 2011 at his residence in Wanganui, New Zealand.

Anthony Brooke was born as Anthony Walter Dayrell Brooke on 10 December 1912. He was raised in England and received his education at Eito College. He later further his studies at Trinity College, Cambridge and Oriental Studies, University of London. He was elevated as the Rajah Muda of Sarawak on 25 August 1937 due to the death of his father who at the time holding the position of Rajah Muda. Prior to that, he has held several positions in the Kingdom's public services including as a magistrate since 1930s. He also has served as Regent of Sarawak in 1939 - 1940.

Anthony Brooke
His Highness the Rajah Muda of Sarawak

Due to a crisis with his uncle, who is the Rajah of Sarawak, he was stripped from his title as Rajah Muda on 17 January 1940. He was sent to exiled from Sarawak in September 1941. Among the crisis was due to his marriage to a commoner, Kathleen Mary Hudden. During the war, he served as a British Army. Anthony Brooke married two times in his lifetime. First to Kathleen (Divorced 1965) and second to Brigette Keller in 1982. His marriage to Kathleen produced three children, James Bertram Lionel Brooke (1940), Angela Carole Brooke (1942) and Celia Margaret Brooke (1944).

The ruled of the White Rajah were put to end after the last Rajah of Sarawak, Charles Vyner Brooke gave up the Kingdom to the British Empire and Sarawak becomes the Crown Colony of Sarawak on 1st July 1946. A move which were resented by Sarawakian at the time. Anthony Brooke were among those who objected the handover of Sarawak to become the British Crown Colony.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

This year we have celebrated the 50 years anniversary of Malaysia formation and also the 56th Independence celebration for the States of Malaya. The independence of the States of Malaya were achieved on 31st August 1957 through the formation of the Federation of Malaya. In history lesson, we were thought that Malaya achieving her independence in peace and harmony without any to bear any arm. Well, it is true for one part, but mostly it is not entirely true. Why? Because many lives had been lost in order to gain the independence for Malaya. And among the challenges that we have faced including the revolt of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). And recently, a news broke out that the leader of MCP during the communist insurgency had died. After 56 years, a figure that for once had brought terror to the realm had been considered as hero by several factions of Malaysian.

This is the price that had to be paid by Malaysia's peace and harmony for all this while. We have lost in touch with our bitter history. Has anyone ever learned of the history of MCP? Who's exactly is Chin Peng and what has been done to our nation? Did everything that he has done was even worthy enough for us to be considered him as hero? No. Absolutely not.

Chin Peng or his true name, Ong Boon Hua was a leader of currently defunct Malayan Communist Party. The Communist Party of Malaya was formed in 1930, as an agent of Communist Party in Vietnam. So, what does it aim? "Overthrow British Colonialism, Abolish Malay Feudalism and set up a Malayan People's Republic". These three are the main aim of MCP, and it is true they are the freedom fighter and some point (because British at that time need support to fight the Japanese Invasion), but trying to abolish the Malay Rulers and set up a Communist State under the name of Malayan People's Republic is something that can't be considered as hero. And somehow, this idealism still inherited through their followers up until this very day.

MCP has been acknowledge as one of Malayan political parties after the war. Nevertheless, the political atmosphere at the time diminished its relevance in Malaya. Because in 1948, the Federation of Malaya was formed with restore the Malay rights and priviledges, scrapping the idea of Malayan Union which offered equal citizenship to both Malays and non-Malays. This is the very reason why the MCP started to revolt. Today, the chinese dominated party of MCA and DAP strongly lobbying for Chin Peng to return or today, to be laid in peace in Malaysia. It is very ironic because the very person also the one responsible for the death of many Chinese during the insurgency. The same tone does not even heard from this faction when the late Rashid Maidin died in 2006.

And because of this, the British government's even made a request to the Malay Rulers to gives settlement to the Chinese in formed of 'Kampung Baru' (new village). Since then, even when the loyalty of Chinese to the government were questioned when they are reluctant to join the national service, the Kampung Baru still enjoyed facilities far better than the Malay villages despite the Malay community is a strong supporter of the government. (History did repeat itself I guess even after 56 years). 

So, personally in my point of view, Chin Peng does not even deserves any sympathy from Malaysian for what he has done. Chin Peng personally does not applied for Malaysia citizenship and does not even seek forgiveness from Malaysian and considered what he has done is a just way. Yes, he wants to establish the Malayan People's Republic under the banner of Communist Party just like what has been done in North Korea where the Kim's family reign supreme. So, for those of Ching Peng supporter or known as Ching Peng Zhee, please re-consider your actions. All of you has eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to feel. What Chin Peng has done is seriously not a just way. Are you seriously thinking throwing a baby into the fire in Bukit Kepong is a just way?

Think Again.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The annual event of Kembara Mahkota Johor (Johor Royal Entourage) has make it into its 2013 edition. This year entourage was the 8th edition since its inception by His Royal Highness Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar in 2001, who at that time was the Tunku Mahkota (Crown Prince) of Johor. In 2013 edition, the Royal Entourage travelling thorough out the 10 districts in the State of Johor covering a distance of 1,100km. The entourage started on 24th August 2013 and ended on 27th August 2013.

The event started in the port city of Pasir Gudang where the launching ceremony were held. In the morning, the entourage were released in the vicinity of Menara Aqabah which is also the tallest building in Pasir Gudang. In this year edition, the Sultan traveled using his famous tiger-stripes high powered motorcycle.

The Royal Entourage also incomplete without the participation of the princes and princess of His Royal Highness Sultan Ibrahim and also his consort, Her Royal Highness Raja Zarith Sofia. It is also safe to say, among all Malay royal families in the region, the Johor Royal Family is the most photograph and well-known. Here are some footages of the Kembara Mahkota Johor. 

Picture from Kesultanan Johor facebook profile.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon to all of you

Happy Eid-Fitri to all of you. In this lovely morning, I have a brief period of leisure to put an article in the blog's Royal Discussion. Today topic that I want to highlight is regarding the title of our beloved King, His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Literally translated as 'He who is made Lord', but the most accurate meaning is 'The Supreme Ruler/King'. As Agong in Malay Language brought a meaning of 'Supreme'. Nevertheless, despite all the effort of elected a Supreme King to become the Head of the Federation, why the title is just King? Why the nation does not used the title Emperor to the Supreme Ruler even though it is apparent that the Supreme King enjoys privileges and precedence over States Rulers.

I have made my research regarding this issued whether the Yang di-Pertuan Agong can be known as Maharaja or Emperor. A most basic ingredient to become an Emperor is that, an Emperor must lead an Empire.

A Malay Empire

We in Malaysia never run short of Empires. Sabah and Sarawak previously is a territory of the Sultanate of Brunei, which previously covers a mass land of Northern Borneo and have severals sisters States in present day the Philippines up to the Metro Manila. In Malaya, three major Sultanate have ruled the region during the times of a Malay Sultanates. The Sultanate of Johor-Riau, the Sultanate of Malacca and the Sultanate of Acheh. The quadruplet have a basic ingredient as an Empire but unfortunately, all of them are currently exist as a Sultanate.

Brunei Darussalam enjoys privileges as the richest Sultanate in the region, nevertheless its territory today has only covered a small sections of Borneo. Johor, even though still in existant, the modern Johor is a State founded by the House of Temenggung which is a remnant of the fallen Johor-Riau Empire. Malacca which a major power in the past has ceased to exist and all Malaccan royalty descendant who ruled a State of Johor, Pahang and Perak in the past has all ceased to exist. Johor and Pahang royalty nowadays is a descendant of Bendahara Tun Habab, Marhum Pedang Saujana while Perak is a descendant of Siak Royalty.

So, a direct line to the past Malay Empire is save to say, has all ceased to exist and no longer ruled any States or nation.

An ingredient of an Empire

Probably all of us has been wondering what is the characteristics of Empire? Here is the main characteristics to become an Empire.

  1. The populations of an Empire is culturally and ethnically distinct from the imperial ethnic group. (Our beloved King are known as Malay Royalties and Malay by racial composition. Malaysia also exist as multi-racial country. So, Yes. We have the first ingredients).
  2. Empire is form by either Direct Conquest by military expansion control with force or Indirect Conquest control with power. (Malaysia was formed when Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore federate with States of Malaya. So, No. we do not have the second ingredient. And modern Malaysia never gain any territory by military might.)


By the second characteristics, I supposed we will have ourselves a Constitutional Crisis if we're to used the term Emperor to describe our King. The description clearly stated that Empire controls its territory by force and power unlike federation which composed of voluntarily extensive territory of autonomous states and people. We never forced Bruneian to insert the Sultanate into the new country in 1963 who clearly against the Malaysia idea. Even though we can actually said that Singaporean has in some way been forced to accept Malaysia because they can't say no when their government held a referendum regarding the union, even though only 25% chooses not to vote in the referendum.

In conclusion, the title of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is the best title to describe our beloved monarch as a symbol of unity to all Malaysians. A radiant yet down to earth royal title as a pillar of the nation and defender of the people. Daulat Tuanku. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

His Royal Highness the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim ibnni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar hosted the Eid-Fitri Feast at Istana Pasir Pelangi in Johor Bahru, Johor. The feast was held on the second day of Eid-Fitri from 9 am to 4 pm. The Sultan and members of Johor Royal Family arrived at the feast around 10 am. Accompanied the Sultan were his consort, Her Royal Highness Tuanku Raja Zarith Sofia ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah, the Tunku Mahkota (Crown Prince) of Johor, Tunku Ismail Idris Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, and the rest of royal family. 

It is estimated around 40,000 people attended the feast. Among others were several Deputy Ministers, members of State Executive Councillors, Head of Departments and Foreign Diplomats. Several Ministers of Singaporean Government also attended the feast. Among those who attended were Minister Chan Chun Sing and Minister Lui Tuck Yew. It is a break of tradition because in the past, the Prime Minister of Singapore himself will attended the feast, represented a strong bond between the two governments. Even though it is understandable as the feast was hosted on August 9, the same day as Singapore's Independence Day.

In the feast, peoples from various background taking the chance to shakes hand and taking pictures with the Sultan and the Royal Family.

The Royal Family of Johor in 2013

Happy Eid-Fitri celebration to all Muslim in Malaysia and all around the world. As a custom practice here in Malaysia, the Malay Muslims usually will return to their homeland and celebrated the Eid-Fitri with family members. The value of solidarity and bond with family members is a must in this time of year. Our beloved royals also did not miss this opportunity to strengthen the relation between the palace and its people. 

On the first day of Eid-Fitri Celebration, Their Majesties the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (Supreme Ruler) and Raja Permaisuri Agong (Supreme Queen) hosted the Eid-Fitri Feast held at the Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur. Almost 20,000 people attended the feast consist of various background, religion and races, as well as tourist and foreigners. The visitors get the opportunity to shakes hand with the King and received duit raya from the King for children. 

picture from Bernama

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Police Monday arrested 10 people who had gathered at a gate of the Istana Negara and claimed to be the heirs of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. The eight men and two women, attired in black and who had come in three cars, were held at Gate 1 of the palace at about 4 pm, said Brickfields Deputy OCPD Supt Aida Abdul Hamid. She said the individuals claimed to be from the 'Kumpulan Panji Hitam' of the so-called 'Timur Empayar Langkasuka Nusantara' and stated that they had come to the palace because they were the real heirs of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Their cars were also seized and they were brought to the Travers police station, she added.

Aida said no weapons were found on them except for 13 flags which bore words in Jawi and several letters of allegiance in the cars. Preliminary investigation showed that seven of them were from Melaka, Perak and Kedah, she added.


The so called Kumpulan Panji Hitam is a cult group who's claimed as followers to Tuanku Sultan Raja Merongmahawangsa II who claimed the rightful heir to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong's throne. Nevertheless, his claimed is baseless and another self-proclaimed king as the position of Yang di-Pertuan Agong is appointed from a rotation circle of 9 Malay Rulers who ruled 9 of Malaysia's State. Not just only the position of Yang di-Pertuan Agong, he also claimed as the ruler of Empayar Langkasuka Nusantara, a imaginary kingdom which he claimed consist of an area of Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, The Philippines, Japan, Southern India, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, New Zealand, China and Australia. 

In this post, Radin's Blog will not tolerate this kind of behavior and from this day onward reject, deny and will not acknowledge claims from Kumpulan Panji Hitam neither to the Malaysia's throne nor to the East Asia and Australasia continent. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Sultanate of Terengganu witnessed the new official palace to the Sultan of Terengganu, the Syarqiyyah Palace which has been used for the first time. The Palace has been inaugurate as the Syarqiyyah Palace which means 'the pearl of the east'. The Palace was first name as Istana Bukit Chendering due to its location on the hill situated in the Chendering Sub-district. The palace inauguration ceremony was started with the Palace's religious official performed the azan calls following the rising of the Sultan's Royal Standard and the Menteri Besar announced the new name of the Palace. The inauguration ceremony was following the royal assent given by Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu regarding the new name on 4th July 2013.

The palace construction was started in 2006 and will be fully completed in 2014. The Throne Room of the Palace was first used for the Investiture Ceremony of State Honours and Medal in conjunction of the Sultan's Birthday Celebration on last July 7th, 2013. 

The Throne of Terengganu consisting of 3 domes. The main dome is for the Sultan and the Queen of Terengganu, meanwhile the other 2 domes situated in the right and left are for the Yang Dipertuan Muda (Crown Prince) and Crown Princess of Terengganu. The seat of Crown Princess is left vacant as the Crown Prince is still yet to be married.  

Monday, July 1, 2013

Early of July

First of all, thank you for all of my visitors for spending some times surfing my blog. Its has been a thrill to manage a royal blog specifically regarding the Malaysia's royalties. And it is in my best interest to see that my blog to be the best among the best. Malaysia : Land of nine kings is the official name for this blog. It takes me one whole year to collect all information of Malaysia royalty including pictures. And this is the problem or weakness that I will try to solve as early as possible.

Apology from my side if there are some of you that feel disappointed regarding this matter. When I first started the blog, all pictures are posted in the photobucket account. Nevertheless, when the blog becomes bigger and visitors increases, the account can no longer supports it. Thus, I will in my utmost confidence will solve this as soon as possible.

Thanks again for all of your support.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thanks be to Allah as the long awaited news finally arrived for the State of Kelantan following the marriage of Her Royal Highness Tengku Amalin Aishah Putri binti Sultan Ismail Petra II to the Brunei's Royalty, His Highness Pangeran Muda Abdul Qawi. The couple were united in holy matrimony in the ceremony held at the Istana Mahkota, Kubang Kerian. The nikah  ceremony were held on 28th June 2013.

His Highness Pangeran Muda Abdul Qawi, were born on 27th January 1974. Meanwhile Tengku Amalin Aishah Puteri were born on 26th June 1984.

After the nikah ceremony, the sanding and reception ceremony were held on the next day, 29th June 2013. The sanding ceremony were held at the State Palace of Kubang Kerian.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

After we cover the engagement of Tengku Amalin Aishah Putri of Kelantan, we will travel back to the Land of Greatness located in the southern most tip of Peninsular Malaysia, the State of Johor Darul Takzim. Its a rare sight to see the Johorean Royalties at work, but in this several week of June, we can witness several Johorean Royalties taken up their duty as royalty. First of all, the only daughter of the Sultan of Johor, Her Highness the Tunku Tun Aminah ibni Sultan Ibrahim of Johor has consent to officiates the inauguration ceremony of Tunku Tun Aminah Library located in the Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). The library is the largest library in South East Asia. 

His Royal Highness the Tunku Laksamana of Johor, Tunku Abdul Jalil Iskandar ibni Sultan Ibrahim also has started his own way to deepen his relation with the people of Johor. The Prince who has his own followers in the social website Facebook has organize a function to meet his followers located in Stulang Walk. The function were organize on last 3rd June 2013.

pictures from Kesultanan Johor facebook account

The royal news round-up segment coming again for this month. For this segment of the month, lets us travel to the Land of Beauty, The State of Kelantan Darul Naim following a royal engagement and also a royal wedding at the end of June. The youngest and only sister of His Royal Highness the Al-Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V, Her Royal Highness Tengku Amalin Aishah Putri binti Sultan Ismail Petra II were officially engaged with His Highness Pangeran Muda Abdul Qawi ibni Pangeran Muda Mohammed Bolkiah of Brunei. The engagement however were kept secret in the royal circle and only royalties and invited dignitaries known of such engagement. 

Her Royal Highness Tengku Amalin Aishah Putri ibni Sultan Ismail Petra II
of Kelantan
It is only I read this news in Maharum Bugis Syah that I knew of such happy news. Congratulations to Tengku Amalin Aishah Putri for the engagement. The royal couples will be married on 28th June 2013.

pictures from Maharum Bugis Syah


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