Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Perhaps most of us has already familiar with the Malaysian Federation status as the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural population. And Malay formed the majority of more than 50% from the population. Each and every ethnic are free to embrace and practice their culture in Malaysia. It is the sense of respect and solidarity to each other that makes this culture thriving in a fast changing society in Malaysia, and still can adapt with the country's modernization.

Today, we will focus on Malaysian National Cloth, the Baju Kurung. Nevertheless, the Baju Kurung is more synonym with the women attire, while for men, it is known as Baju Melayu. A full suit comprising three parts. The first is a long-sleeve shirt, of silk, or cotton, or a mixture of cotton and polyester. Next comes a pair of long pants, of the same material as the shirt. The third piece of the outfit is a piece of cloth called samping wrapped around and folded over the waist. The wearer may also wear a headgear in the form of a songkok to complete the ensemble.

There are varieties of design, especially after the arrival of Islam in the Peninsular and the emergence of Malacca as a thriving international port. Thus, with the dress code from the Islamic Teachings and the sophisticated design of fashion from all over the world, the Baju Kurung also exist in various form of style according to the State and local culture exist in Malaysia. The video below is a simple slideshow of the Baju Kurung.

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LaLa mhdnor said...

suka pakai baju kurung, tapi bila pergi mall, mesti ada org pandang macam lala pakai baju adik...
x paham betul, yg seksi giler tu xnak pulak dorg pandang pelik..hummm

Radin87 said...


pakai jer lala. x perlu malu. sepatutnya yg pakai seksi tu yg kita kena pandang serong, bukan yang pakai baju kurung.
jgn patah semangat ^^

Cyber Shoppers 24 hours a day! said...

Kain Sari bercorak songket, mengembalikan seni fesyen zaman di Raja dahulu. Dibuat dgn fesyen moden utk trend terkini.

Layari :

Cyber Shoppers 24 hours a day! said...

Kain Sari bercorak songket :
Lihatlah keindahannya di :


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