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The Sultan of Johor

The list of HRH Sultan and Lord of Johor Darul Takzim and its dependency.

SULTAN ABU BAKAR (1886 - 1895)


Sultan Abu Bakar was the son of Daing Ibrahim, the Temenggung of Johor. Informally, he was known as “Father of Modern Johor”. He was the first Sultan of Modern Johor, the 21st Sultan of Johor and the first Sultan of Johor from the House of Temenggung. During his reign, Johor was the first state among the 9 malay states to have its own written Constitution and the first state to have its own Menteri Besar. He widely known for his diplomatic skill and a wise ruler. The friendship between Sultan Abu Bakar and Queen Victoria plays an important role for Johor to maintain its independence from the British Colonial Government.

He is the Temenggung of Johor from 1862 to 1868. Later he used the title Maharaja of Johor from 1868 to 1886. After the death of Sultan Ali of the House of Bendahara in 1877, he was proclaimed as Sultan of Johor in 1886 and held the title until his death in 1895.



Sultan Ibrahim al-Masyhur was the son to Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor by his second wife, Cecilia Catharina Lange (Che Puan Besar Zubaidah). He was the 22nd Sultan of Johor and the 2nd Sultan of modern Johor. He widely known as the world richest man in the world during his reign. He was the longest ruling Sultan of Johor in history. He reigned for 64 years. Nevertheless, most of his time was spend outside of Johor, mostly Europe.



Sultan Ismail al-Khalidi was the son of Sultan Ibrahim al-Masyhur of Johor by his first wife, Sultanah Maimunah. He was the 23rd Sultan of Johor and the 3rd Sultan of modern Johor. He was granted the title of Crown Prince of Johor in 1895 (about 1 year old at that time) and the longest serving Crown Prince in history of Johor. He was also among the oldest Crown Prince to be crowned as Sultan. He was crowned as the Sultan of Johor in 1959 (64 years old). He reigned for 22 years.



Sultan Iskandar al-Haj was the son of Sultan Ismail al-Khalidi of Johor by his first wife, Sultanah Ungku Aminah. He was the 24th Sultan of Johor and the 4th Sultan of modern Johor. He was granted the title of Crown Prince of Johor in 1959. Later, he was derived from his title by his father in 1961. In 1966, he was granted the title of Raja Muda of Johor. He was reinstated as the Crown Prince of Johor and the Heir Apparent of Johor on 29th April 1981. He was proclaimed and installed as the Sultan of Johor in 11th May 1981. He served as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the Supreme Ruler) of Malaysia from 1984 until 1989. He returned to ruled Johor in 1989. He reigned Johor for 29 years.

SULTAN IBRAHIM ISMAIL (2010 - present)


Sultan Ibrahim Ismail is the first son of Sultan Iskandar al-Haj by his first wife Josephine Ruby Trevorrow, (Che Kalthum). He is the 25th Sultan of Johor and the 5th Sultan of modern Johor. He is installed as the Sultan of Johor on 23rd January 2010.


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Salam, I just to say hallo to to His Royal Highness The Sultan of Johore, we have been together somewhere back in 1978 at PULADA, The Royal Highness was then the TMJ, we were attending the Young Officers Tactic Course. At that moment we used to jump into his range rover to go to JB town.If I am not wrong Tara Singh, Osman Chik were among his favourite.


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