Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The former Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Ismail Petra ibni almarhum Sultan Yahya Petra doesn’t have any power by law to question about the authority of the reigning Sultan during in their incapacitation state. Tan Sri Cecil Abraham, lawyer represented the Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan said, the former Sultan doesn’t have the rights to used the article 63 of Kelantan Constitution to refer any constitutional issue as he is no longer the reigning Sultan of Kelantan.


Therefore, any kind of actions taken by his first prince, who also at that time the Crown Prince of Kelantan cannot be dispute because as the State’s Regent, he perform his duty due to incapacitation of his father. Only one man can perform the duty as Sultan in one time. As the former Sultan is incapable of doing so, the power is vested by the Crown Prince. Thus, any actions taken by Sultan Muhammad V during perform his duty as Regent such as fired the member of MPN (Kelantan’s Council of Succession) cannot be disputed by the former Sultan as he has no authority to doing so.



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