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RFA : Kuchiki Byakuya

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Happy surfing to all my fellow visitors, followers and blogwalkers. The animation segment comes once again to Radin’s Blog. Previously, the animation segment covers information about games and animation as a whole. But today, the animation segment covers a more specific theme called “Royalties from Animation”. Yes, as a royal portal, it is a must to covers the royalties and nobilities from all aspect of our life. Especially in anime, you will see none individual despise this character no matter how evil is they are.

P.S : Commoners who treated as royalties are also included. Huhuhu..



The first topic will cover the cool and charismatic Byakuya of the Kuchiki Noble Clan, a fictional character from BLEACH. He has the most perfect persona as nobility.So, lets us cover a little information for this handsome and cool character.

1. The Head of Kuchiki Clan and Captain of the Sixth Brigade

Kuchiki Byakuya was first seen wearing the Silver Silk scarf, the Kuchiki Family Heirloom inherited from generation to generation. Very expensive and it is said, it can be used to buy 10 mansions in the Seireitei.

Kuchiki Byakuya was raised as a future leader of the Kuchiki Clan. He is a talented man and has capabilities becoming a leader. After his grandfather, Kuchiki Ginrei death, Kuchiki Byakuya inherited the post as the 28th leader of the clan and assumed the title as Captain of the Sixth Brigade of Gotei 13 (A post traditionally reserved to the Kuchiki Clan). As the leader, he always believes to uphold and enforced the law with his infamous phrase, “If the noble don’t follow rules, then who will?” His cool persona attracts a lot of attention by many and makes him as a role model. Among the easiest example is his Vice-Captain, Abarai Renji.

2. Marriage and Family

Kuchiki Family Insignia

Even how decisive he is in upholding the law, the reason of his attitude is because of his vowed he made at the tomb of his parent. Previously, he has made two decisions that widely opposed by the members of the noble. First of all, by marrying Hisana. Hisana is a commoner woman who originated from Rukongai. His marriage is dubbed by other members of the noble family as tarnishing the good name of Kuchiki Family. Byakuya later vowed to his wife to search for her sister, Rukia whom she left and it is the last request from Hisana.

Byakuya and his late wife, Hisana

Byakuya found Rukia during her first year at Shinigami Academy. He immediately brings her in to the Kuchiki Clan and makes him his sister. An action that once again opposed by most Kuchiki Clan members. At that time, Byakuya vowed at his parent’s tomb that he will not broke any other rules. Nevertheless, the vowed has made him once again trapped into dilemma whether to follow the law or to save Rukia's life from the execution. After explained to Rukia about Hisana and all his previous actions, the relation between Rukia and Byakuya is greatly improves.

Kuchiki Rukia, Byakuya's sister.

3. Capabilities

He is one of among Gotei 13 formidable Captain and also among a few of Kuchiki Clan leader with immensely powerful capabilities.


Yes, upholding the law, protect the honor and justices technically and practically fits for nobility. It is a noble deed after all. Any citizens would appreciated it, as many noble should.. You know.. Act noble. Well, even someone like Kuchiki Byakuya exist in the world, probably those idiots who hates royalty and nobility very much will still resent him. That’s the order of this cruel and cool world…

P.S : I have learned a little about psychology, if you insults someone by stating their weakness (personal attack), that's mean you are jealous to them. And those who are jealous usually said... I'M NOT JEALOUS... huhuhu...


RAFHAN ~peace~ said...

ko minat tgk anime ke radin?

Gen Fujita said...

Pergh Kuchiki Byakuya, aku minat gila dengan dia punya Bankai. Awal-awal aku tak suka mamat ni, tapi masa part Rukia kalah lawan dengan ada sorang Espada, bersorak aku masa dia datang tolong. Dasar Tsundere betul dia ni.

Radin87 said...

Hehe, yup. Mana-mana anime semua layan jer. =D

@gen fujita
Mula-mula dia pegang watak antagonis, sekrang dh jadi protagonis. hehe


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