Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Avatar The Last Airbender

Hi guys, thanks for viewing my blog. Currently, I've come back home for a mid-semester break, or should I say a rainy season break. This is the time of year where in Malaysia, the rain will reach its peak. Some part of Northern part of Malaysia has already in high alert. It is a matter of time before it is flooded.

I've already finished watching the animation series of Avatar:The last airbender. Well, I am an animation fan of course, both Japanese and western.

Avatar The Last Airbender
Avatar The Last Airbender Pictures, Images and Photos
When the first time I watch it, I was amazed by the storyline. A world of 4 nation that controlling water, earth, fire and air element. Live in harmony under the control of avatar who can control all 4 elements. Seriously speaking, its not just that.
The plot, graphic and most importantly, even the battle is prepared wonderfully.
Each element fighting style is based on four different martial arts style!! Fantastic.

It is a pity of course about the main character, Avatar Aang as the last and only airbender. Plus, he is only 12. Until the last series, I was hoping so that there are others survivors of the air nomad. But later, he found his companion on his mission to save the world. Learning water, earth and fire bending. And lastly, comfront with the Fire Lord.
Each character is developed nicely. Each of them improving in each episodes. Like the character itself is almost alive.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pictures, Images and Photos

Personally, I would like to learn airbending if possible.. haha..

Malaysia's animation

Personally, i don't really know why Malaysia can't produce its own anime. Well, we did have an animation like Sang Wira, Silat Lagenda, Kluangman, keluarga yokies and others. But, it doesn't have a X-factor like the others anime. Most of Malaysia animation graphic were almost like western style, more or less.

Sang Wira and Silat Lagenda were an example of malaysia animation that I really appreciate.
Sang Wira is a cat-like alien from Jingga Planet seek evacuation in earth from his homeland civil war. With Aiman, he find a way to back to his homeland and defeat his nemesis who try to attack earth and already has a based in Malaysian Rainforest.

While Silat Lagenda is malaysia first animation movie. 5 teenagers entrusted with 5 lagendary weapons that had been lost since the fall of Malacca Sultanate.

If there is an animation that I do not like is not cause of the graphic.. but storyline..
Especially Kluangman alongside with his sidekick Tiongman (Malaysia version of Batman). An insane person becoming a hero.. Speechless..
Uncompareable with batman who is a wealthy and genious man, along with his sidekick robin who excell in gymnastic.

I can say that the animation in Malaysia is improving. We have a Multimedia University which has its own animation course, and most of their graduate are really creative. even their project was amazing. The only problems is a lack of fund.

I just hope that I can see Malaysia animation can actually stands up at least in par with others animation...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Introduction

My name is Radin. and this is my second blog. It is my dreams to have an English Blog. My previous blog was in Malay Language under my friendster account.

My brief introduction, a first son out of three. Still a student. Currently taking the Bachelor of Electric & Electronis (Power System). Currently living with my family in Johor, Malaysia. I enjoys reading, writing and drawing in my free times. Also have an interest in photography and music. I'm also a beginner violinist.

As i'm still new in blogging, I will try my best to come out with an interesting topic. So, until next time.
See yaa..


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