Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Madeira Airport

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All of Radin’s Blog previous architectural post only covers about high-rise buildings. Now, it’s time for a little change. I first find out about this airport from my junior in University. Not one of us knows where the airport is located nor it’s named. And, after many hardships, eventually I found its name, The Madeira Airport.


As Engineering Students, this is the main reason why we are so excited about the airport. We never see or even imagine an airport runway can be built in a series of column. It’s thinking outside a box I could say.



The Madeira Airport is informally known as Fuchal Airport and formerly known as Santa Catarina Airport. It was opened in 1964 with two 1 600m runway and controls the national and international air traffic of the Island of Madeira. The airport is surrounded by high mountains and the ocean, made it tricky to landing even for most experienced of pilot.


The 1600m original runway is extended 200m after the TAP Air Portugal Flight 425 incidents in 1977. It is later rebuilt in 2000, doubling the size of the runway, building it out over the ocean. The extension was built on a series of 180 columns instead of using landfill, each being about 70m tall.


The Funchal Airport has won the Outstanding Structures Award, given by International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE). The Outstanding Structures Award is considered to be the "Oscar" for engineering structures in Portugal. (source)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

World's Largest Flower

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The Flora and Fauna segment for this month will cover the topic about World Largest flower. Many of us may think that Rafflesia is the biggest flower in the world, but it is not an easy win. There are 2 other competitors compete for the title. Let’s go check it out.



It is named after Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the leader of the expedition when the flower is discovered in Indonesian rain forest. It’s consists about 27 sub-species and all found in sub eastern Asia, on the Malaysia Peninsular, Borneo, Sumatra and the Philippines. The plant has no stems, leaves or true roots. Rafflesia Arnoldi has the biggest flower about 100 cm in diameter and the smallest is R. manillana with 20 cm in diameter. Rafflesia is an official state flower of Indonesia, also Sabah state in Malaysia, as well as for the Surat Thani Province, Thailand.

If its judges by weight, the Rafflesia Arnoldi gains the title as “The World Largest Single Flower” from any flowering plants.



The Titan Arum or Amorphophallus titanum is indigenous in Sumatran Rainforest. It is also thrives at the edges of rainforest near the open grassland. Due to its fragrance, it is known as a carrion flower or corpse flower (in Indonesian = Bunga Bangkai). The titan arum's inflorescence can reach over 3 metres (10 ft) in circumference. Both male and female flowers grow in the same inflorescence. The female flowers open first, and then a day or two following, the male flowers open. This prevents the flower from self-pollinating. The corm is the largest known, weighing around 50 kilograms (110 lb).

The Titan Arum gains the title as “The World largest unbranched inflorescence” from any flowering plants.



The Talipot Palm or Corypha umbraculifera is a species of palm, native to southern India (Malabar coast) and Sri Lanka. It is one of the largest palms in the world; individual specimens have reached heights of up to 25 m, with stems up to 1.3 m in diameter. The Talipot palm is cultivated throughout southeast Asia, north to southern China. Historically, the leaves were written upon in various Southeast Asian cultures using an iron stylus to create palm leaf manuscripts. The leaves are also used for thatching, and the sap is tapped to make palm wine. In Malabar Coast, the palm leaves were used to make traditional umbrellas for agricultural workers and students in rural areas until a few decades ago. The tree is known as "Kudapana" in Malayalam Language, which in turn means "Kuda" = Umbrella + "Pana" = palm tree.

Talipot palm bears the largest inflorescence of any plant, 6-8 m long, consisting of one to several million small flowers borne on a branched stalk that forms at the top of the trunk. Thus, it’s known as “The world largest branched inflorescence”, containing thousands of flowers. This plant is monocarpic, meaning that individuals die after flowering.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nur Kasih

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It’s been a while since the last time a malay drama give a huge impact on the viewer. Today, Radin’s Blog will present a topic of a hot malay drama that still aired at TV3 every Friday, Nur Kasih. The story is star by Fizz Fairus, Tiz Zaqyah Razak, Remy Ishak and Sharifah Sofia. Directed by Khabir Bhatia.


The story is about 2 siblings, Aidil and Adam. Both have a split personality with one another. Aidil is an obedient son, patience and a loving brother. He taking a Law degree and his ambitions is to be a Sharia Lawyer. While Adam on the other hand, live on with his exotic lifestyle in Australia. He taking Architectural Degree and has a ambitions to founded his own Architecture Firm in Australia.

Both of Ustaz Hassan and Hajah Khadijah sons are successful in life. But, only Aidil gain their trust. Ustaz Hassan is a best friend to the village imam, Ustaz Abu Bakar who has 2 daughters, Nur Aminah and Siti Sarah. Nur is the best student in the village and want to further his studied in local university. Unfortunately, her parents not afford with her studied expenses. Nevertheless, she still tries to get a scholarship for her studied. But things changed after Ustaz Hassan proposed her for his son.

Nur Aminah is a dream girl for Aidid. But, his father made a surprisingly decision when he wanted to marry Nur Aminah with Adam, his brother. Even frustrated, he still obeyed his father decision. As a caring brother, Aidil advice Adam to follow their father last wish.

Time passed by with sadness and frustration for Aidil seen his father passed away and his dream girl now his sister in-law, but Aidil live on his life and manage to become a Sharia Lawyer. While Nur Aminah is able to get a degree even have to live with lies to her parents that still believe she has followed her husband and live in Australia. She lives alone in Kuala Lumpur.

Due to a wealthy lifestyle abroad, Adam always questioned his father, abandoned his wife and forgets about his mother. Following his greed, he married Katrina without telling a thing to his first wife in the homeland. Everything changes when tragic accidents occur for Adam and Katrina… What will happen to him? (source)




A dream husband for any girl, he has a high personality and very responsible. He always gives priorities to his family and always sacrifices his own happiness for them. He becomes a Sharia Lawyer to help those who needed especially the unfortunate. His motto is, “Work as you will live forever and prayed as you will die tomorrow”. He loves to play football, reading books and surfing the internet.



Second son to Ustaz Hassan and Hajah Khadija. Even raised by a high religious family, he is a hot tempered and arrogant man. Even though he is naughty when child, he has a big ambition to opened his own firm after finished his study at University of Sydney, Australia. He is an independent man and nobody can stop him when he has made his mind. He loves football and unique architecture. His favorites food is his mother ‘sambal udang’ (prawn chili).

Nur Amina


Born in Tanjung Karang. She is the ‘role model’ for her friends and the top student at her village. Her ambition is to become successful woman architect. She is secretive, hardworking girl, respective towards elders, patience and always finishes something that she has start. She loves drawing and will always draws something that she feel beauty. Favorite’s daughter of Imam Abu Bakar and Mak Ani.

Siti Sarah


She is a spoiled, happy go lucky girl and always brings happiness to her family. She is also try very hard to achieve something that she wants. She is a sensitive girl and loves to read entertainment magazine and dressing. She has various ambitions like model, air-stewardess, teacher, news presenter and any profession that allowed her to wear beautiful dress. Her biggest dream is to be Aidil’s wife and will stop anyone who interferes including her own sister.

Katrina Anne Carlson


Socialize and always clubbing girl. She is born in Sydney and taking degree in art at University of Sydney. Loves Adam and will do anything for him. She always be there as a support for Adam. She wants to become a lecturer after finished her study.

Disclaimer: I do not own Nur Kasih, I own nothing of Nur Kasih. The Nur Kasih is rightfully owned by TV3, Malaysia.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Family History

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I have said it in the previous post that one thing I love about Aidilfitri is ‘Family Reunion’. Of course, this is the only time of the year that all of us will gather and reunite with many stories to tell and share.


This is where I was raised, my maternal grandparent village. The village has actually changed dramatically since then. During my childhood, the surrounding is covered with rubber plantation. Thus, the river is crystal clean and at night, firefly will come out and play. The environment change after oil palm is planted here. No firefly and no clean water. No one knows for how many years the village can survive. I have heard about a plan that the place will be developed in the future.


And in my paternal grandparents place, it is once a prosper village. The surrounding is once a rubber plantation, thus, most of the villagers work as rubber tapper. The village at that time is actually a small city, complete with police station, jewelry, theater and streets of shops. But looking at the condition now, it is hard to believe the story. The above house is one of Radin’s Family houses. The house now abandoned after the owner die. The only landmark and symbol of its former glory is the mosque.


Well, that’s it for my story. Until next time!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Eid Mubarak

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More AIDILFITRI graphics

Happy Eid Mubarak for all Muslims in the world! It is the celebration day after we finally able to fulfill one pillar of Islam, Fasting in the Ramadhan month. Well, it is still 2 days away, but, I need to post this wish early as my family and I will go back to my village tomorrow. One thing I love about Eidil Fitri, and that is ‘Family Reunion’!!

Happy Eid Mubarak and
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Malaysia 46th Anniversary

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Flag of Malaysia

Coat of arm of malaysia

16 September 2009, this is the day our Father of Independence, Tunku Abd Rahman announce the formation of Malaysia 46 years ago. A federation consist of 14 state at that time, 11 states of the already independence Malaya with Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah. Singapore left the Federation at 9 August 1965. Brunei Darussalam rejects the idea of joining the federation in last minutes.

The Federation means that each states in Malaysia is equal to one entity of Independence Nation with each states corporate with each other where a rich country help the poor and more develop help the less developed states. This function is supervised by the Federal territory. But, there is also some states enjoy its own special rights.

  1. Sabah and Sarawak
    Both of this states has the power to control its emigration and ingenious people special rights. Even has its own minister in its states government.

  2. Johor
    Even though military and defense is the power of the Federal Government, Johor is the only states that has its own army named ‘Askar Timbalan Setia’. Currently serve as a private army for Sultan of Johor. A special right for the Sultan and citizen of Johor.

Political stability, social prosperity and economy progress has already changes the landscape of both Borneo states. (source)

Kuching, the capital of Sarawak

Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah

1Malaysia F1 Team

The new Malaysia F1 team

I’m both surprised and petrified when the first time I hear about our Prime Minister plan to formed Malaysia own F1 team, 1Malaysia. This is the first time where Malaysia citizen itself will take place in its formation. Located in Sepang Circuit, Lotus engine will be used in the new team.

If this is a new step as a reform for Malaysia engineering achievement, then nothing else is better than this. The new team drivers will at least one is from Malaysia. The Malaysia team will participate in 2010. (source)

Today is also the anniversary of Malaysia Royal Army, but I think I will published it in a new post. That's all for today!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
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Flag of Malaysia

Coat of arm of malaysia

Radin's Blog today will cover the topic of Malaysia National Anthem, Negaraku. Firstly introduced during the Merdeka announcement in 31 August 1957, the National Anthem has been our symbol of pride for the nation. But, the sovereignty of Negaraku currently has been questioned and threatened by both inside and outside the country. Most popular is the case of Negarakuku, a version of rap song but using the Negaraku as most of its lyrics and also, the claimed by some Indonesian activist and media especially that Negaraku is actually a ‘plagiat’ from the song ‘Terang Bulan’. This issue is disturbing indeed.

But, Indonesia government has ensured that the issue is only brought up by a small minority of the republic and not a majority voice. And even Malaysia Federation also voices its citizen to keep the issue down and do not make any provocation as this issue is only a huge misunderstanding.

Radin’s Blog today will uncover the real story of Negaraku. Let’s check it out.

Negaraku, Malaysia National Anthem


First, the case here is about the song that has the same melody, Negaraku, Terang Bulan and Mamula Moon. All of this song used the melody made by Pierre-Jean de Beranger, a French Musicians. The only different is its lyrics according to each respective composer.

So, who’s first?
Terang Bulan (1930’s), Mamula Moon (1947), Negaraku (1957)

This is the main reason why some activist claimed Negaraku is a plagiat from Terang Bulan, which is not. (source)


Before Independence, each state in peninsular already has their own anthem but no anthem for the whole Federation. Thus, a competition has been held to choose the new anthem for the new independence country. Among the competitor is the composer for the song ‘Majulah Singapura’. None of them is deemed worthy.

Then, Tunku Abd Rahman chooses the Perak State Anthem, ‘Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan’ because of its traditional flavor in its music. Thus, Negaraku is born!

So, the question is where is the origin of this anthem?
The answer is Seychelles Island. (source)


Perak State Anthem

Perak is the first state in Malaysia to have its own National Anthem. It is used during the reign of Sultan Idris (1888). He is the son-in-law to the exiled Sultan Abdullah of Perak. The song composed by Pierre de Beranger is very popular in Seychelles at that time. The song called as ‘La Rosalie’.(source) The song has the same melody as ‘Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan’, Terang Bulan, Mamula Moon, and Negaraku.

Here is the timeline:
La Rosalie (1800’s), Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan (1888), Terang Bulan (1930), Mamula Moon (1947), and Negaraku (1957). (source)

This is the very proof that Negaraku did not plagiat the song from Terang Bulan but ‘Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan’ instead. The song has been used for over 100 years and still in used now. (source)


All of the fact above is based by fact. I have concluded all my research here and whether you wanted to believe it or not, it’s up for the individual. My work for the country here is done. If you not satisfied, then feel free to search it. But heed my advice,

“Be rational, not emotional”

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kedah Royal Family

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Today royal segment will cover about Kedah Royal Family. If Perlis Royal Family is the youngest in Malaysia, the lineage of Kedah Royal Family is the oldest in Malaysia. The ruler of Kedah is styled as HRH Sultan of Kedah.

The current Sultan of Kedah is HRH Sultan Abd Halim Muazzam Shah Ibni almarhum Sultan Badlishah. He is the 30th Sultan of Kedah. His reign started since 1958 and celebrated golden jubilee of his administration in 2008.

The consort to the ruler of Kedah is styled as HRH Sultanah of Kedah. The current holder is HRH Sultanah Haminah binti Hj Hamidon.


As the Sultan Abdul Halim currently served as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the Supreme Ruler) of Malaysia, a Regency Council was appointed by the Sultan consist of 4 members to rule the state on the absence of the Sultan. The members are :-

  1. His Royal Highness the Tunku Bendahara of Kedah, Tunku Annuar ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah. The Chairman of the Regency Council. (Died)
  2. His Royal Highness the Tunku Temenggong of Kedah, Tunku Sallehuddin ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah.
  3. His Royal Highness the Tunku Laksamana of Kedah, Tunku Abdul Hamid Thani ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah.
  4. Her Royal Highness the Tunku Panglima Besar of Kedah, Tunku Puteri Intan Shafinaz binti Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah.


The Royal House of Kedah is of great antiquity, originating in the Hindu age, and said to have been founded by a Prince from Sri Lanka. Eight generations of the family ruled over the state before the conversion to Islam in 1136. The state frequently fell to superior Siamese forces. Fearing another such invasion, Sultan Abdullah al-Mukarram Shah negotiated a Treaty of Friendship and Alliance with the HEIC in 1786, this entailed the cession of Pinang. The Siamese were forestalled for a time, but struck hard in 1821 and annexed the sultanate. After a severe financial crisis, Kedah was transferred to British sovereignty on 16th July 1909.

The then Sultan, Ahmad Taj ud-din III al-Mukarram Shah, had already reigned for 27 years and was set to reign for a further 34. Without financial acumen of any kind, a series of Royal Regents ruled in his stead for much of his reign. During the Japanese invasion, the seventy-seven year old Sultan fled into the jungles on the back of one of his eighteen sons. One of these was to become the first Prime Minister of the Malaya and Commonwealth and world-famous statesman, Tunku 'Abdu'l Rahman. Others were distinguished diplomats, civil servants and military officers. Sultan Ahmad Taj ud-din's grandson, Sultan al-Mu'tasimu Billah Muhib ud-din Alhaj 'Abdu'l Halim Mu'azzam Shah, ascended the throne in 1958 and served as King of the Federation from 1970 to 1975.

Sultan of Kedah and family, Tunku Intan Shafinaz (in yellow) and Tunku Soraya (in red) and husband Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain ibni Sultan Idris Afifillah

Sultan Abd Halim Muadzam Shah married twice, First with Almarhumah Sultanah Bahiyah binti Tuanku Abd Rahman (d. 2003) and second with Sultanah Haminah Hamidon. His marriage is blessed with a daughter, which is his daughter with Sultanah Bahiyah. The Sultan and the late Sultanah Bahiyah also adopted two daughters.

  1. Tunku Intan Shafinaz (1966)

  1. Tunku Sarina (1960 - 1991)
  2. Tunku Soraya (1960)


Official palace and royal seat to the Sultan of Kedah is Istana Anak Bukit (Anak Bukit Palace) located at the royal town of Anak Bukit, Kedah. The Istana Anak Bukit is the largest palace in northern peninsular.

Istana Anak Bukit


Male primogeniture amongst the Kedah Royal Family. The Sultan, and his successor, must be adherents of the Islamic faith :-

**line of successions

  1. Tunku Abd Malik Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah, Raja Muda Kedah
  2. Colonel Tunku Salehuddin ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah, Tengku Paduka Maharaja Temenggong Anggota Desa
  3. Tunku Sarafuddin Badlishah bin Tunku Salehuddin
  4. Tunku Abd Hamid Thani ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah, Tengku Laksamana
**subject to changes
The late Tunku Annuar ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah were survived by three sons. 
i) Tunku Putra Badlishah bin Tunku Annuar Al-Haj
ii) Tunku Johanez bin Tunku Annuar Al-Haj
iii) Tunku Azudin Shah bin Tunku Annuar Al-Haj
Their status in the line of succession is unknown. Possibly by-passed if according to Malay customs where the brother of the Sultan to succeed first.

Some of the pictures of the royal family.

i) The picture of HM the Sultan of Kedah and HM the Sultanah of Kedah and his only child, HRH the Tunku Panglima Besar of Kedah

Sultan dan Sultanah kedah
Sultan Abd Halim and Sultanah Haminah during golden jubilee celebration

HRH Tunku Putri Intan Shafinaz ibni Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah

ii) His Royal Highness the Raja Muda (Crown Prince) of Kedah and wife, HRH Raja Puan Muda (Crown Princess) of Kedah

HRH Tunku Abdul Malik bin Almarhum Sultan Badlishah and HRH Tunku Raudzah binti almarhum Sultan Hishamuddin

iii) His Royal Highness the Tunku Bendahara of Kedah and wife, Toh Puan Bendahara of Kedah, and his sons.

HRH Tunku Annuar ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah and Toh Puan Noor Suzanna Abdullah

HH Dato' Tunku Putra Badlishah, eldest son of HRH Tunku Annuar

HH Tunku Johanez bin HRH Tunku Annuar

iv) His Royal Highness the Tunku Temenggong of Kedah, Tunku Salehuddin ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah and wife.

v) His Royal Highness the Tunku Laksamana of Kedah, Tunku Abdul Hamid Thani ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah and wife.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last 10 days of Ramadhan

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Finally, the last 10 days of Ramadhan is here. I think, it is a good time now to ask ourselves, whether our Ramadhan this year is better than the previous one. A very good post mortem is necessary if we want to have an improvement in our life.

One of the nights in the last 10 days of Ramadhan is known as the Lailatul Qadar. No one knows when the night is including our prophets himself. The night is kept secret by Allah so that all of his servants will always try to search for it. Any good deeds done during this night is given a reward equivalent to 1000 nights.

For all muslim, Happy fasting.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Malaysia Radio Day

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Today, a special day of 999 stands for 9 September 2009. Most loving couple takes this one in a lifetime occasions to mark the date as their wedding day, especially for Chinese. Today is also the day for the first ever celebration of Malaysia Radio Day! The date is chosen by Commercial Radio Malaysia (CRM). History? Radio Day was first observed in the Soviet Union in 1945, on the 50th anniversary of Popov's experiment, and some four decades after his death. Radio Day is officially marked in Russia and Bulgaria. (source)

fara fauzana
Fara Fauzana, Deejay of HotFM

This morning, most of Radio station has invited a senior deejay radio in Malaysia for this special occasion. Anyway, good luck for all Radio Station in Malaysia!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Helios Eclipse

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
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It is already two months since my last post of my comics and animation topics. Look like I get excited with our independence month and most likely get overly dramatic about it and forget the things that needed to be done. A special issue for this month, I will present comics from our lovely Homeland! “Helios Eclipse (2004 - 2009)”.


Helios Eclipse is a story by Malaysian female cartoonist, Kaoru. The series is published by Gempakstarz under Starz magazine in their first issue in 1 June 2004. Then, Helios Eclipse switches into Gempak magazine which is also under the same company, Gempakstarz. It is finished in issue 221.


The story is basely about two worlds, Human World and the Magic World. The entire element under both worlds is controlled by the Sun Ruler, Helios. One day, on his curiosity about the Human World, Helios and his brother Luna, visits the Human World only to find it becoming terrible of modern technology, pollution, odd cultures and rude manners. Helios can’t believe his eyes that he actually protecting it. Later, Helios enrages and releases all of his power to try to destroy the children after he see them killing a cat. He lost his elemental power and all of his power disappears into the Human World.

With his power grew weaker, Dark World tries to dominate both world. And to restore the world peace, helios must find all of his element power. But, he eventually attacked by the Dark World’s henchmen and accidentally meets a human girl, Mineko which actually his prophesized savior.


  1. Helios


    He is one of the three great rulers of the Magic World. Because he resembles the sign of the sun, he is the main source of power of the Magic World. He is rather quiet and does not trust people easily, especially humans after he visited the human world to pay his last respects to the deceased Syn I. While searching for the savior of the Magic World, he accidentally stumbled upon Mineko, and that has changed his perspective about humans. He accepts Mineko as a friend and ally. His feelings towards Mineko slowly grows to a stage where it is 'more than just friends'. He owned a fire element called Miraa.

  2. Mineko


    She is selected as the savior of both worlds as she saved Helios from being swallowed by a magical whirlwind. This happened while Helios was using his limited power to search for the savior. She has a naive, cheerful personality and is always energetic, thus easily trusting people. But as the story progresses, her personality slowly changes. Her sincerity was questioned by Syn II, who then gave her a test to save the Magic World. At the end of the test, she sacrificed herself to save the Magic World from darkness. She was then revived by Princess Moragana who used the power of the Phoenix as Moragana claimed that "it was meant to be". After her revival, she received the power to create illusions from Syn II, proof that she managed to pass his test. The phoenix in her has become the target of The Dark World.

  3. Luna

    Luna is the brother of Helios and resembles the sign of the moon. He is different from his brother, as he is always calm in any situation and thinks of the consequences before he acts. He became Helios's second in command, and always stood by Helios whenever he needed help, even when not requested by helios. Luna had the ability to read peoples' minds by touching them, as he claimed his ability was similar to Moragana's. He seemed to be secretly in love with Mineko and died protecting her.

  4. Kazura

    Louis Pictures, Images and Photos

    Louis or Kazura is Mineko and Tooru's best friend since They were children. But in reality, he is the Dark Magician sent by the Dark World to kill Helios. At first, he become the antagonist when he betrayed Mineko and the others in order to kill Helios. However, he did not expect that Mineko would turn out to be the savior that was mentioned in Moragana's prophecy. After Maryvessa was killed by Helios, he betrayed the Dark World to cope with his pain and regret towards Maryvessa's death and hatred towards Soileh. His thoughts are hard to read either by his friends or his enemies, making him the perfect spy. This also helps him in battle when his enemies cannot read his moves. His abilities are shape-shifting and duplication. But as the story progresses, he gained the capabiliy to produce lightning. (This is shown when Louis ate the medicine Evilina gave him to fight Arisu and Soileh). Little information is known about his past except when Maryvessa met with him in human world, he admitted that since 'that day', he was no longer a human.

  1. Helios Eclipse : Prologue
  2. Helios Eclipse : Median
  3. Helios Eclipse : Ternion
  4. Helios Eclipse : Quaternion
  5. Helios Eclipse : Quintet
  6. Helios Eclipse : Hexad
  7. Helios Eclipse : Septenary
  8. Helios Eclipse : Epilogue


helios eclipse Pictures, Images and Photos



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
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(picture from Utusan Harian)

After the famous seating below a tree, yesterday 3 September 2009, the former Perak State Assembly Speaker, S. Sivakumar starting the seating in a hotel and acting as the assembly speaker. The seating started on 11.30 am is held in Heritage Hotel, Ipoh after their attempt to hold it in Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan failed.

The seating has pass on a bill to arrest the Speaker R. Ganesan and Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Fong.


flag of perak

Perak's coat of arm

From my point of view, the Pakatan Rakyat currently still firm on their stances that they are the legal government that currently still rules the state. In the past, ‘the seating below a tree’ has agreed on a bill to dissolve the assembly so that a new fresh election can be held and a new government can be choose by the people. But, without the King consent, the Pakatan Rakyat eventually falls.

This is the only way left for the Pakatan Rakyat to gain the people support. If they just accept the King decision, there is a possibilities that the current BN government will eventually gain the people trust once again and it is a critical blow to Pakatan Rakyat who is able to form a government in Perak during 2008 General Election.

Make me wonder, can Perak achieve its ‘Develop State’ status in 2015 just like the vision that been stated by the Regent of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah to the assembly before. If this situation still goes on until 2013, I don’t think much can be done to the state of Perak accept,

“More future out-of-hall assemblies”

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last but not least

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you
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Moon Ballon Pictures, Images and Photos

Last week, my presentation in front of my Industrial Training Supervisor finally ended. Both Mr Reza Ezuan and Mr Shafiq see my presentation and many question is ask by both sides, enough to petrify me for a minutes. I never expected it is going to be that tense. But, as that has come to past, the evaluation should be no problem. Last but not least, I still have a report to finish.

Dateline? Within a month.

A good part for this month, my Siamese cat finally gives born to 6 kittens. And a worst part is; only one survives and plus, a male kitten, probably leave the colony after he reach 4 month old. I’m only expecting the 3rd generation female cat in the colony. That’s all.

Fasting month for this year is also different from my previous one. For 6 years, I have experience the fasting month in the college, far from home. But now, feel good to be back.


music Pictures, Images and Photos

2 months from now, the first anniversaries of Radin’s Blog! It is almost time for improvement. The first thing that pop in my head is, Entertainment/artiste related article. Still not my final decision yet and still thinking about it. Controversial topic? Better to let it go for now…

Ok guys, thanks for supporting me all this time. Your comment is what keeps me going for almost a year.

Until next time…


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