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Replace the causeway

Sultan Ibrahim

HRH the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim ibni almarhum Sultan Iskandar al-Haj addressed his hope to the Federal Government to review the plan of building a new bridge to replace the current causeway. Previously, the plan of building the bridge was stopped by the Federal Government even though 5% of the project was already constructed. Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said, the government will review the plan again.

The idea of replacing the causeway with a new bridge was started by the Prime Minister at that time, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It is to solve the traffic congestion problem in the area. The new bridge plan value is about RM600 million. Johorean Menteri Besar, Datuk Abd Ghani Othman said, the construction of the new bridge is to meet the demand of today society. And on top of that, the building of the bridge will open the waterway in the straits and ships can sailed through the Tebrau Straits to reach the South China Sea.

Jambatan Indah

Jambatan Indah is the name of the new bridge that will be built to replace the causeway. At first, the project was supposedly a straight bridge from Johor Bahru to Woodlands, Singapore. Nevertheless, the Singaporean Government reluctant to replace the bridge and thus, led the idea to crooked bridge to be built instead of straight one. Nevertheless, when the bridge is under construction, the Malaysian Government under Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stopped the project.


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I have a published a post about the foundation of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma. So, I will proceed with the history we all learned in today school syllabus, foundation of the Sultanate of Malacca. It is just a comparable between two sides of the story. When I do my research, I can say that, there still more to come.

Foundation of Malacca Sultanate


Malacca is founded around 1400 by Paduka Seri Maharaja Parameswara. According to Sejarah Melayu, he was a member of the royal family of Srivijaya and the last King of Singapura. Singapura is founded by Sang Nila Utama in 1324. He is a great grandfather to Paduka Seri Maharaja Parameswara. Sang Nila Utama is a Srivijayan Prince, who removed himself from Bentan to Temasik, where he founded Singapura. He was officially styled as Seri Maharaja Sang Utama Parameswara Batara Sri tri Buana. (Means : Lord Central King Batara of Sri Tri Buana or Three World Realm), lord over Palembang, Bintan and Singapura. Later, the throne is succeeded by his son, Paduka Seri Pekerwa Wira Diraja (1372 - 1386), his grandson, Paduka Seri Rana Wira Kerma (1386 - 1399), and his great grandson, Paduka Seri Maharaja Parameswara (1399 - 1413).

In 1390s, Majapahit sent thousands of ships to attack the remaining Malay Realm of Srivijaya including Singapura. In collusion with Bendahara Sang Rajuna Tapa, Majapahit managed to conquer Singapura in 1401 and expelled Parameswara. Parameswara fled to Muar, Ujong Tanah and Biawak Busuk before founding Malacca in 1402. In 1409, Parameswara assumed the title Sultan Iskandar Shah due to his marriage to a princess from Pasai. His marriage to a muslim princess encourage his subjects to embrace Islam.


During the foundation, legend has it that the King saw a mouse deer outwit a dog when he was resting under the Malacca tree. He took what he saw as a good omen and decided to establish a capital for his kingdom there.

Foundation of the empire.

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
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Previously, we have learned the introduction of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma. For today topic, we will learn on the foundation of the Empire. Well, the empire did not built in a single night after all. Maybe most of the viewer does not like to learned history, so, I will try to be simple as possible.


Foundation of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma

Emperor Sai Tee Sung

The Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma is opened by Raja Merong Mahawangsa, grandchildren to Emperor Sai Tee Sung of the Tang Dynasty. They are descendents of Muslim who received Islam by Ibn Waqas who comes to China to propagate Islam (around 650M). Emperor Sai Tee Sung is the father to Emperor Shiekh Huang Ti Rom Chin Ser Wong. Sai Tee Sung ordered his son to build a mosque in “Khen Jang”.

P.S : (In Siamese word, Khen-Jang means Naik Jangkah. Khen-Jang probably refers to Qinqiang, Shaanxi Province, China).

The Xian Mosque


Emperor Sheikh Huang Ti Rom Chin Ser Wong later ordered his first prince, Merong Maha Wong Ser to propagate Islam at the Malay Peninsular while his second prince, Song went to Vietnam (Prince Song full name and history is unknown). His father ordered Maha Wong Ser to search a mountain with ruins of Mosque and Palace at the top. Later, Maha Wong Ser received a Kheta (Letter of Appointment) from his father. Before he leaves, his subordinates have already leaves to search for the place mention by the Emperor. They later arrive at a mountain and landing at a place name Yan. They later climb the mountain to investigate.

P.S : Merong Maha Wong Ser means “Naga Laut Pembesar Bangsa Harimau" (literally, the The Sea Dragon, Leader of the Tiger Race)”

Later, the subordinates of Maha Wong Ser wait for their Prince arrival. Prince Maha Wong Ser arrives at the destination around 175 Hijriah with hundreds of naval ships and thousands of soldiers. The subordinates who have climbed the mountain confirmed to Maha Wong Ser that they had found the ruins of a Palace and a mosque. After landing at Yan, Maha Wong Ser asks his subordinates, “Joo-Rai?” (Means “Siapa duduk”, or “Who’s settled here?”). Thus, up until now, the mountain is known as Gunung Jerai. Merong Maha Wong Ser asks to his father-in-law, Syed Jamal al-Jefri of Bani Hashim about the palace on top of the mountain. Syed Jamal later said it is the Ayut’ia Palace. Both the palace and the mosque are belonged to one of the faithful son of Nabi Nuh, Wali al-Mustapha who resides there. The palace is destroyed during the Great Flood.

(Gunung Jerai, the highest peak at the state of Kedah)

Later, Maha Wong Ser established a new Kingdom and settlement to be built at a valley besides Sungai Mas (Today, the place is known as Lembah Bujang near Sungai Petani). They built a new city named as Kuala Muda and a palace. They also built military fortresses (Today, it is mistakenly believes as a Hindu Temples). Maha Wong Ser is styled as Sultan Mudzaffar Syah.

(The Military Fotress of Kuala Muda today mistakenly believes as Hindu's Temple)

Daughter to Syed Jamal, Syarifah Mariam married with Maha Wong Ser and styled as Syarifah Mariam Pinang Tunggal. Their married is blessed with a prince name Syed Jamalul Alam Badrul Munir, styled as Phodiset.

P.S : In Siamese word, Pi-nang Tung-gal means "Jadi Permaisuri Tunggak Negara", or literally means "Mother of the Nation". While Phodiset means Lelaki Terbaik or The best man.

The tomb of Syarifah Mariam is named as Tok Soh located at Pinang Tunggal. Her husband, the tomb of Merong Mahawangsa who is styled as Sultan Mudzaffar Syah is located at Kg Langgar, Merbok.

Kembara Mahkota Johor 2010

(Picture from Utusan)

The Kembara Mahkota Johor 2010 (Literally Johor Royal Tour) officially started from 26th June until 28th June 2010. The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim ibni almarhum Sultan Iskandar describe the royal tour as a way to closer the relationship between the Palace and the citizens. The main transportation for the tour is by train. HRH Sultan Ibrahim himself will drive the train.

The four districts tour is the first Kembara Mahkota Johor for the Sultan Ibrahim after he is proclaimed as the Sultan of Johor. And it is also written in the Malaysian Book of Record as the first Sultan to drive a train. Also participate in the tour is HRH Sultanah of Johor, Raja Zarith Sofia, HRH Crown Prince of Johor, Tunku Ismail Idris, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Johorean Menteri Besar, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman. HRH Sultan Ibrahim will drive the train for 391.3km from JB Sentral to Gemas before returned to JB Sentral again.

The Kembara Mahkota Johor is the 12th edition of the royal tour started since 2001 by Sultan Ibrahim who is at that time, The Crown Prince of Johor.

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Creative Blogger Award

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Creative blogger award, that’s what it is. This is the first award receive by Radin’s Blog. To all those involved, you have my appreciation. I will do anything in my power to improve this blog in the future. (^_^)

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Officially, the name of our country is Federation of Malaysia (Malay = Persekutuan Malaysia), and commonly refer as Malaysia. The citizen of Malaysia is known as Malaysian. Because Malaysia is a multi-racial country, Malaysian today consists of various races and ethnics. For today, lets we see the Malaysian racial groups.


Siti Nurhaliza is a good example of Malaysian Malay

Malay is known as Melayu in Bahasa Malaysia. Malay is one of the ingenious tribes in Malaysia and formed the majority of Malaysian population. Other tribes such as Siam, Jawa, Banjar, Minang and Bugis are known as “Rumpun Melayu” but usually simply refer to as Malay. The Malay Language is dubbed as the Malaysian National Language and known as Bahasa Malaysia. Bahasa Malaysia is taken from Johorean Malay Language ascent.


Michelle Yeoh is an example of Malaysian Chinese

Chinese is known as Cina or Tionghua in Bahasa Malaysia. Chinese is refers to Malaysians who are descended from Chinese tribes who migrate from the mainland China. The history of Chinese migration can be traced back since the age of Sultanate of Malacca. Cantonese and Hokkien are common in Malaysia. The state of Pulau Pinang is the only state in Malaysia where the Chinese form a plurality in the population.


Jaclyn Victor is an example of Malaysian Indian

Indian is simply known as India in Bahasa Malaysia. Indian refers to Malaysians who are descended from Indian tribes who migrate from Southern India. Tamil is common in Malaysia. There are no states in Malaysia where the Indian form the majority but there is some state district that has a huge number of Indian communities.


Camelia. A famous Sarawakian

Sarawakian refers to Malaysians who are descended from Sarawak. The population of Sarawak is unique because there exist more than 40 ingenious ethnics, each with its own language, culture and lifestyle but none of them form the majority in the state. Iban form the largest community in Sarawak. Other tribes include Melanau, Bidayuh, Dayak, Orang Ulu and others. There also exist Malay and Chinese community in Sarawak.


Stacy is a good example of Sabahan

Sabahan refers to Malaysians who are descended from Sabah. Just like Sarawak, the Sabah population consist of many tribes and ethnics but none forms a clear majority in the state (28 ethics officially recognizes by the federal government). Kadazan is the largest tribes in Sabah. Other ethnics include Rungus, Bajau, Murut. There are also exist Malay, Chinese and Filipino population in the state. Filipino tribes in Malaysia (born as Malaysian) include Tagalog, Tausug, Suluk and others.

The Cult

(picture from Utusan)

18th June 2010 – HRH Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has gives his consent to proclaim the opening of Masjid Kampung Sungai Merab located at Dengkil, Sepang. Also present at the ceremony is the Menteri Besar of Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

In his speech, His royal highness expresses his concern to the public to be aware against the propaganda of certain developing illegal teachings and cult. The public should not take the issue lightly. Thus, His royal highness wants the public to gives cooperation and Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) and the other authorities if there is any development of cult / illegal teachings in the state.


The State of Selangor is the most developed state and among the richest in the Federation of Malaysia. It also has a special relation with the Federal Government as its location that surround the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. The state known for its Arabic Honorific of 'Darul Ehsan'.


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While I’m away

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Hye guys, from past Monday to Thursday, I went to my friend house. So, I am not able to update the blog. Only for 4 days I was away, two hot topics appear on the net. Recently, the news of Regent of Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra stripping the state conferred title to seven individuals and also an exclusive story from Brunei Darussalam. His Majesty Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah divorces his second wife, Azrinaz Mazhar.

Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim

Brunei Royal Family

The Sultan of Brunei (middle), Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah is the Head of Nation and the Head of Government of Brunei Darussalam

Personally, the Radin’s Blog (RB) Royal Portal specifically designs to covers the story of Malaysian Royal Families. Thus, Brunei Royal Family is not included, for now at least. I have other plan to include the Brunei Royal Family into the list and also some other Royal Family in the region, for example, Sulu Royal Family and other Indonesian Royal Families. But for now, I will focus more on Malaysian 9 royal families. Nevertheless, it is undeniable among the surviving 10 Malay Royal Families in the world, Brunei Royal Family can be considering as champion in everything.

brunei royal family
The Brunei Royal Family. (Pretty nice wasn't it??)

Living in the biggest palace in the world, among the richest monarch in the world, ruling the state with absolute power and the citizens of Brunei lived in a taxed-free country. (I’m speechless...)

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After Chua Jui Meng, another three holder of Johorean Datukship titles been stripped by the Johorean Palace. Secretary of Jumaah Majlis Diraja Johor stated that, any decision about the titles had been discussed before been submitted to the Sultan of Johor. In Johor, the word used is, “the holder is ‘fired’ from the title”. And according to the state constitution, the Sultan of Johor has the absolute power over the conferred title.

The state of Johor was the first Malay state to introduce the state Noble title since 1886. And it is well-known that the state titles are the hardest to get. The requirement needed is high and if the holders no longer meet the requirement, they will be fired from the position.

The other individual been fired from the title are Komander Shaftdean Lutfy Rusland, Sharifah Mazlina Syed Abd Kadir and Hassan Yunos (lawyer).

Komander Shaftdean Lutfy Rusland


Komander Shaftdean Lutfy Rusland is a husband to Tengku Muna Najiah ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar. In other word, he is brother in law to incumbent Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim ibni almarhum Sultan Iskandar.

Sharifah Mazlina Syed Abd Kadir


She is the first Malaysian to reached the South Pole. She been conferred the Datuk Seri Paduka Mahkota Johor (SPMJ) and Datuk Paduka Mahkota Johor (DPMJ) by the late Sultan of Johor, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar.

The Steel Mosque


11th June 2010 – HM Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, The Yang di-Pertuan Agong (The Supreme Ruler) of Malaysia gives his consent to open the Putrajaya Steel Mosque. The Mosque is named after him as Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin. The Mosque is located at Precinct 3. Also present at the ceremony were Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom.

The construction of the RM200mil mosque started in 2004 and can accommodate almost 20,000 worshippers.


The Federal Territory of Malaysia consist of three entities, Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and the newest, Putrajaya. Federal Territory is the only state in Malaysia that has reached a developed state status and high income states.

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. The Capital of Malaysia.

Federal Territory of Labuan. Malaysian second Federal Territory and the only one in Malaysian Borneo.

Federal Territory of Putrajaya. Malaysian third Federal Territory and currently served as the Administrative capital of Malaysia

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Previously, I have post an article of Introduction to the Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma. Now, I will post an article regarding to the famous history of Malacca. This is the history that been teached in school today. Both of the history is sent for a same reason, the history of Islam arrival in the region and of course, and the history of the nation. Whether it is right or wrong, it is up to you to decide.


According to Sejarah Melayu, The Malay Sultanate of Malacca was established by Parameswara.In Malay it is known as ‘Kesultanan Melayu Melaka’. At first, it is a Hindu country and later converted into Islam after marriage with the Princess of Pasai in 1409. It is the center of Malay Civilization and at that time, the center of Islamic teachings and culture. At its golden age, the empire covers the Peninsular of Malaysia, Riau Archipelago and eastern Sumatera. 9 Sultans has reign the Empire. The Empire falls in 1511 after been attacked by Portugese.

The Sultanate of Malacca during its greatest extend

The Sultans of Malacca :-

Parameswara (1400 - 1414), Later converted into Islam and known as Raja Iskandar Syah
Megat Iskandar Syah (1414 - 1424)
Sultan Muhammad Syah (1424 - 1444)
Sultan Abu Syahid (1444 - 1446)
Sultan Muzaffar Syah (1446 - 1459)
Sultan Mansur Syah (1459 - 1477)
Sultan Alauddin Riayat Syah (1477 - 1488)
Sultan Mahmud Syah (1488 - 1528)
Sultan Ahmad Syah (1528 - 1530)

PS : The history of Malacca and The History of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma can be refer at the panel on the right. Happy surfing.
Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you
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The Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma is also known as Empayar Benua Siam Kedah in Malay. It is an Islamic Empire which ruled the Malay Archipelago in the past. Most of its history today is unknown by the generation today. In the history widely teach in the school today, the Federation of Malaysia previously is the home of the famous Sultanate of Malacca, The Great Malay Empire in the past. During the first time I do my research about Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma, I do not believe it. But it is not until I do my research deeper and found something about a land called as ‘Tanah Malaka’. After that I realize that there is something missing in our history today.

I can say that learning the history of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma is like playing the PS2 game of Ar-Tonelico. If the history is really is true, then, we actually living in a fairy-tale like history which doesn’t exist. Our fore-fathers lived as a great race and nation, but today, we have lost it. And when we learned it today, we do not understand it. It's just like an ancient word that has lost forever.

P.S – In my blog, I will state both history that we learned and Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma. Which one is true or false, it is up to you to decide.


The Empire is founded by Maharaja Merong Mahawangsa. His Muslim name is Sultan Mudzaffar Shah I, the grandchildren to Emperor Sai Tee Sung. The Kingdom is established around 640 – 840M. There are 33 Kings ruled the Empire. The official language is Siamese Language. (Please take note that the Siamese Language here is not Thais Language.). During the golden age of the empire, the empire covers the today Peninsular of Malaysia, Segenting Kra and modern Thailand today. The capital and imperial seat is Shahrul Nuri.

The Flag of the Empire

The map of the Empire at its greatest extend.

Among the Empires reigning Kings/Emperors are:-

Sultan Mudzaffar Shah I
Sultan Mudzaffar Shah II
Sultan Sayyidina Ali
Sultan Hussein Shah (840 - 881)
Sultan Sheikh Abdul Kadir (881 - 903)
Sultan Muhammad Syah I (903 - 993)
Sultan Riayat Syah (993 - 1094)
Sultan Aliuddin Al-Muzafal Syah (1094 - 1179)
Sultan Muadzam Syah (1179 - 1201)
Sultan Muhammad Syah II yang adil, Narasuan (1201 - 1300)
Sultan Mad Zaffar Syah III, Rama Tibodi I (1300 - 1369). The first Emperor of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma. His name is mention in the Batu Bersurat of Terengganu, known as Raja Mandalika. King of Toung Oo.
Tunku Nazreen, Ramesuan , (1369 - 1395) son of Sultan Mad Zaffar Syah III.
Sultan Salehuddin Muadzam Shah, Boromoracha I, (1370 - 1388)
Tuanku Mohamed Chan, Thong Chan, (1388 - 1395), The Sultan of Gangga Negara
Sultan Rahman Laksemana, Ramaratcha (1395 - 1409)
Sultan Razak, Intharatcha (1409 - 1424)
Sultan Rijaluddin Muhammad Johan Syah, (1424 - 1448) Rama Tibodi II Styled as Parameswara in Malacca).
Sultan Jalil Yaakob Shah, Boromotailokanat (1448 - 1491)
Tunku Muhammad Yusuf, Boromoraja II (1491 - 1533)
Ratsada (1533 - 1547)
Kaifa Tabim Sheik Ali @ Yot Fa @ Tabin Shwehti (1547 - 1548), The King of Toung Oo
Putera Jalil Yaakob Syah (1548), Syahbandar of Kota Setar
Sultan Mohammad, Chakraphat (1548 - 1569) The son of Sultan Jalil
Sultan Zahiruddin Mohamad Bahadur Syah, Mahathammaraja (1498 - 1530) married with Tuanku Nur Aishah ibni Sultan Rijaluddin Muhammad Johan Syah. Moghul's Emperor.
Syed Hassan, Naruesan (1530 - 1605), The King of Borneo
Tuanku Shaari Riayat Shah, Ekatotsarot (1605 - 1610), The Sultan of Riau
Syed Hisbu Muadzam Syah, Intaraja II (1610 - 1628), founder of Kota Beruas, Perak
Teh Abu, Chettha (1628 - 1629), younger brother to Sultan Shaari, The Sultan of Riau
Sultan Ali, Atthinawong (1629), also known as Hang Jebat. The Sultan of Riau
Phrasat Thong (1629 - 1655), Pangeran Kecil Bongsu of Brunei
Tuanku Jaafar, Ciao Fa Jai (1655 - 1656), The Sultan of Selangor
Sultan Mahmud Syah, Sri Su Tammaraja (1656 - 1668) The Sultan of Malacca. In war with the Dutch during the Dutch attack on Malacca in 1641.
Sultan Iskandar Muda Mahkota Alam, Narai. (1656 - 1688) Known as Hang Tuah at Malacca. The Sultan of Acheh.
Tengku Abu Narawanara, Pra Petraraja. (1656 - 1688) Known as Hang Kasturi at Malacca. Younger brother to Sultan Mahmud Syah. The Sultan of Legeh (Kelantan).
Sultan Mansor Syah, Sua (1703 - 1709) Known as Hang Lekir. His decendants comes to the Sultan of Pahang (Gelanggi) today.
Nang Che Puan, Phumintharaja (1709 - 1733), Queen to Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Nai Nal Adilin II.
Sultan Muhiyuddin Mansur Syah, Boromokot (1733 - 1758), Married with Princess Hang Li Po.
Sultan Mudzaffar Syah, Uthumpon (1758 - 1765), The Sultan of Pahang
Khalifah Syarif Abu Bakar Syah, Boromo Raja Ekataat V (1758 - 1767 - 1821), The last emperor ruled from Shahrul Nuri. Killed in a famous year known as Musuh Bisik
Sultan Mudzaffar Syah III (1821 – 1824)
Syed Alang Alauddin (1825 - 1862)
Sultan Jaafar Muadzam Syah (1862 - 1876), The last Emperor of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma.

PS : The blue name refers to his real name while the green is their title in Siamese.(Please make sure, it is Siamese, not Thais). The indigo refer to their native royal title from their respective state. (The system is almost identical to the system of Malaysian Yang di-Pertuan Agong rotation system)

We will continue this on a more detail topic in the future. Until next time.

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The Wedding Ceremony


10th June 2010 – The Sultan of Pahang, HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah and the Crown Prince of Pahang, HRH Tengku Abdullah gives their consent to attend the wedding ceremony of Nurfaizah, a daughter to Jenderak State Assembly member, Datuk Mohamed Jaafar. The wedding ceremony of Nurfaizah and her husband, Mohd Redzuan Abdul Latif were held at Tun Razak Hall.


The State of Pahang is the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia. In the Federation, it is the third biggest state in term of size after Sarawak and Sabah. Most of the land is covered with rainforest. There several resources of where the state gets its name. In Siamese aborigines tribe word, Pahang means 'ore'. (That's probably explain why the state has large number of mines). In Malay word, Pahang means 'a very bad smell'. Traditionally causes by the fall of a large Mahang tree near the Pahang River. Pahang also known with its arabic honorific of "Darul Makmur"


Chua Jui Meng , among PKR’s Committee member confirmed that the Johorean Palace has strip two Datukship title that he received from the state. He has received a phone call from the Palace Officer about the matter on past Tuesday. Chua had received two honorary titles from previous Sultan of Johor, Al-marhum Sultan Iskandar al-Haj, the Datuk Paduka Mahkota Johor and Datuk Seri Paduka Mahkota Johor which both carries the title ‘Datuk’.


The state of Johor is Malaysian southest state at the Peninsular of Malaysia. Johor derived from an arabic word 'Jauhar' which means Emerald. It is known with its arabic honorific of 'Darul Takzim'. Johor is widely known as the 'Southern Gateways'.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

(picture from Utusan)

Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin attended the Trooping the Colour ceremony by the Armed Forces in conjunction with his majesty’s birthday. The ceremony at Dataran Merdeka included a 21-gun salute and a fly past by 5 helicopters. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin was accompanied by Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Nur Zahirah and two of their majesty’s children, Tengku Nadhirah Zahrah and Tengku Fatimatuz Zahra.

The ceremony began on the arrival of The Yang di-Pertuan Agong and his Queen, followed by the playing of the national anthem and 21-gun salute. Later, Tanku Mizan Zainal Abidin was accompanied by armed forces chief, Gen Tan Sri Azizan Ariffin to inspect the guard-of-honour led by Lt-Col Habibullah Ismail. The ceremony ended with three shouts of Daulat Tuanku and the recitation of Doa.

Among those presents were Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur, and Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and his wife, Puan Sri Noorainee Abdul Rahman. Senior officers of the army, navy and air force, and defences attached from several foreign embassies and high commissions witnessed the ceremony together with members of the public.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

5th June 2010 – Today is the designated birthday celebration of Yang di-Pertuan Agong (The Supreme Ruler) of Malaysia. It is not the real birthday of His Majesty. The ruler original birthday is celebrated at their respective state.

Daulat Tuanku!
Long Live the King!


Friday, June 4, 2010

The Birthday Cake

(picture from Utusan)

3rd June 2010 – HRH Yang di-Pertuan Agong (The Supreme Ruler) of Malaysia, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin received numbers and variety of cakes in conjunction of his birthday celebration from various parties. Also present at the functions is HRH Raja Permaisuri Agong (Queen) of Malaysia, Tuanku Nur Zahirah and Tengku Fatimatuz Zahra, their youngest princess.

Among 31 cakes displayed His and Her Majesties at the Istana Negara here is a chocolate cake with ‘1 Malaysia’ concept from One World Hotel weight almost 100 kg and also Fruit cake from Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa weight almost 45 kg. The cake display event is an annual event take place each time of The Supreme Ruler birthday celebration and Eid Fitri.


The designated birthday celebration for Yang di-Pertuan Agong (The Supreme Ruler) of Malaysia is fixed every 5 June.

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Pujangga Alam June 2010

Welcome again to my blog. To all fellow visitors, followers and blogwalker, can you guess where is the scenery in Pujangga Alam May 2010 is located? Well, for this month, I bet that all of you can actually guess it after you see it for the first time. Here are the pictures for this month.

(well, it is raining heavily when I post this topic.. heheh..)

Thanks for Are-peace and my brother for this lovely pictures. Can you guess it?

Hmm, the river is beautiful at night

Recognize it?

Then, how bout this one?

(Hmm, probably it is too hard to guess in night mode wasn't it?)

Taadaa.. yup, here we are.

That’s all pictures for this month. See you in next post. It is raining tonight and it is really cold, make me wanna go to sleep fast.. huhu..


The place is Bandar Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia.

The Persona May 2010

Thanks to nuffnang, I can actually track my record of my blog visitors daily. Welcome again to the new topic for RB, The Persona. Currently, it is the second post of this topic. Compare to the month of April, May is the hottest and busiest month for Radin’s Blog (RB). The visitor reached its new record, almost 1500 visitors in just a week. The circumstances mainly cause by the royal crisis that befall on the Kelantanese Royal Family. The members of the royal family get a wide attention in past month.

The most popular keyword in May was The Sultan of Kelantan, but, nevertheless there are also other keywords that actually directed into the same person. Thus, after brief calculation, The Persona May 2010 is HH Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra, The Tengku Bendahara of Kelantan.



Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra is the second son to the reigning Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Ismail Petra with his first consort, Tengku Anis binti Tengku Abd Hamid. Namely, he is the second in line to the Kelantanese throne. He has other 3 siblings, Tengku Muhammad Faris, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry and Tengku Amalin Aishah Putri. Among all member of his family, he probably the least royal to gets media coverage.

Public Appearance

As the member of Kelantanese Royal Family, he has a numbers of official posts including a member of Kelantanese Ruler of Succession Council. He also has made a number of appearances during state official functions. But, then again, he probably the least member of the royal family to get media coverage and his photos are rarely published in the newspapers. This is among of his picture during his official duty.

During his visit to poor Kelantanese citizens around Kubang Sepat and Bunut Susu

The coast of Pengerang

(picture from Utusan)

2nd June 2010 – HRH Sultanah of Johor, Raja Zarith Sofia ordered the local authority to take preventive measures against the foreign trading ships that pollute the cost of Pengerang. The pollutions due to garbage dumping and waste oil have affected the ecosystem and the live of people that depends on the sea to make a living. HRH Raja Zarith Sofia also heard a briefing about the pollution cause by the collision of two trading ships recently by the Chaiman of Johorean Department of Environment, Dr Zulkifli Abd Rahman.

Also present was Pengerang Parliamentary Member, Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said and Vice Cancellor of UTM, Prof Datuk Zaini Ujang. Raja Zarith Sofia also encourage more NGOs to participate in helping to reduce the burden of fishermen involved.


The collision between two ships, MV Waily and Bunga Kelana 3 has affected the lives of 1000 fisherman in the coastal area.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


(picture from Utusan)

1st June 2010 – Malaysian Royal Air force (Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia) celebrate the 52nd anniversaries of its service. The anniversary celebration was proclaimed by HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah, The Sultan of Pahang. Also present at the function was Crown Prince of Pahang, Tengku Abdullah ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah and General Datuk Seri Rodzali Daud, the Airforce’s Commander.

The Royal Airforce launch it long term strategic vision to emerge as a dominant air force comparable to other developed countries.


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