Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Activities

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
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Yes, finally!! Justice prevail at last!!

Hehehe, that is my reaction when I heard that government wanted to make History lesson is a must pass subject to get a SPM certificate. Well, not exactly I was screaming out loud, but, it almost like that. I really love history lesson before, many of my friends doesn’t exactly concentrate on this subject because we only just to pass Bahasa Melayu to get the SPM certificate. But now, “Thank you sooo much!!” heheh..

Johor FC VS Negeri Sembilan


There are many activities that we have done for the whole weekend. The activities started since previous Sunday’s night. Yes, a football fight between Johor FC and Negeri Sembilan at Pasir Gudang. The plan was changed because the ticket was sold out, and we need to change the agenda. I wasn’t a football fans so, I just relaxing myself for the whole night. Huhuhu.. (Well, it is sad enough to know Johor FC lost the match..)

Bowling Tournament


Sunday, the real day finally begins. 10 am, the Radin’s family bowling tournament started. Well, we really did have many bowling match recently, thanks to my brother that is.. Always wanted to play bowling every weekend! Well, I started out just fine, scoring 118 pins for the first round. Even my father lost to me in the first round.. Well, for the first round that is.. After that, my scores dropped.. only able to scores 60s and 70s pins in the next round. (I don't know why, but it's always like that for the second and third round.. Is it curse?? haha..)



Last but not least, we’ve tried archery for the first time! I always wanted to learned archery, but only now I have the chance. I really can’t get a hang of it, always miss my aim. But after a while, I can get a clear shot on the target. Well, pretty good for a beginner I think.

the only one of us who have hold the bow and arrow before. huhu..

the only left-handed archer.

not bad for his first try

It is not regretful to learned archery. It is worth it.. (^_^).



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