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Radin's Blog today will cover the topic of Malaysia National Anthem, Negaraku. Firstly introduced during the Merdeka announcement in 31 August 1957, the National Anthem has been our symbol of pride for the nation. But, the sovereignty of Negaraku currently has been questioned and threatened by both inside and outside the country. Most popular is the case of Negarakuku, a version of rap song but using the Negaraku as most of its lyrics and also, the claimed by some Indonesian activist and media especially that Negaraku is actually a ‘plagiat’ from the song ‘Terang Bulan’. This issue is disturbing indeed.

But, Indonesia government has ensured that the issue is only brought up by a small minority of the republic and not a majority voice. And even Malaysia Federation also voices its citizen to keep the issue down and do not make any provocation as this issue is only a huge misunderstanding.

Radin’s Blog today will uncover the real story of Negaraku. Let’s check it out.

Negaraku, Malaysia National Anthem


First, the case here is about the song that has the same melody, Negaraku, Terang Bulan and Mamula Moon. All of this song used the melody made by Pierre-Jean de Beranger, a French Musicians. The only different is its lyrics according to each respective composer.

So, who’s first?
Terang Bulan (1930’s), Mamula Moon (1947), Negaraku (1957)

This is the main reason why some activist claimed Negaraku is a plagiat from Terang Bulan, which is not. (source)


Before Independence, each state in peninsular already has their own anthem but no anthem for the whole Federation. Thus, a competition has been held to choose the new anthem for the new independence country. Among the competitor is the composer for the song ‘Majulah Singapura’. None of them is deemed worthy.

Then, Tunku Abd Rahman chooses the Perak State Anthem, ‘Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan’ because of its traditional flavor in its music. Thus, Negaraku is born!

So, the question is where is the origin of this anthem?
The answer is Seychelles Island. (source)


Perak State Anthem

Perak is the first state in Malaysia to have its own National Anthem. It is used during the reign of Sultan Idris (1888). He is the son-in-law to the exiled Sultan Abdullah of Perak. The song composed by Pierre de Beranger is very popular in Seychelles at that time. The song called as ‘La Rosalie’.(source) The song has the same melody as ‘Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan’, Terang Bulan, Mamula Moon, and Negaraku.

Here is the timeline:
La Rosalie (1800’s), Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan (1888), Terang Bulan (1930), Mamula Moon (1947), and Negaraku (1957). (source)

This is the very proof that Negaraku did not plagiat the song from Terang Bulan but ‘Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan’ instead. The song has been used for over 100 years and still in used now. (source)


All of the fact above is based by fact. I have concluded all my research here and whether you wanted to believe it or not, it’s up for the individual. My work for the country here is done. If you not satisfied, then feel free to search it. But heed my advice,

“Be rational, not emotional”



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