Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Several days ago, I visited Rowie Scribbles where she tells the introduction about Chemical Engineer. After reading the whole article, I got the idea that you doesn’t need to be a chemical pro to be a chemical engineer. =D

I said, it is very interesting to change our engineering field, but for sometimes, I just remain with my engineering field. Electrical Engineering.

Lightning, the only electricity that can be see.

And, what is the meaning to be an Electrical Engineer?

1. It is about maintaining and not about creating new inventions.

Yes, first of all, unlike any other engineering field who usually creating a new inventions to make our life easier, the electrical engineer is just about maintaining the human civilization. One question for me, Between Water and Electricity, which one more important?

Without electricity, there will be no TV, Computer, PS2, PSP, Internet, Telephone, I-phone, Refrigerator, Air-cond, lights and etc. Just see around us. Everything needs electricity. Without it, human civilization will come to a dead halt.

Without electric, all of this are useless.

2. Population are the Consumer, We are the Producer.

There are various branch in Electrical Engineering for example, Power Systems, Electronic, Networking, Design, Electrical for Medical, Mechatronic and etc. But the basic for Electrical Engineer is supplying electrical energy to the consumer. Consist of 3 parts, Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

The Generation generates electric that fueled the whole nation. The mathematic is simple, more expensive the cost, more higher the price must be pay for every unit of electricity.
The transmission line, the Transmission engineer is among the highest paid engineer.

And lastly, comes to our doorstep, the distribution. The simplest yet the hardest job.

3. Get in touch with the new technology.

This is the main part of being an engineer; get in touch with the new technology. Just remember, technology is changing fast all around us. What we learned today, doesn’t necessarily been used after 7 years.


4. Patience is virtue.

And the last but not least, learned how to control your anger. You have no idea how the consumer will react especially without electricity. So, any problems occur during the process, it is our responsibilities to solve it. (Not to mention we usually inherited the problem of our predecessor).

For example;

How do you find the damage wire here?

So, are you up to the challenge? hehehe...
That all for now.
Until next time. (^_^)


Rowan said...

Very nice article! I didn't have a clear idea about electrical engineering but you did a good job to make it easy to understand! :D

Radin87 said...

glad you like it, Rowan. =D


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