Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(picture from Utusan)
HRH Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan slaughtered the sacrificial cow in conjunction of Eid-Adha Celebration in Panji, Kota Bharu.

His Royal Highness the Al-Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V consent to perform the qurban in conjunction of Eid-Adha Celebration organized by Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan (MAIK), Kelantan Islamic Religious Council at the Kompleks Islam Jubli Perak, Panji. Also present were the Chairman of MAIK, His Royal Highness the Tengku Mahkota (Crown Prince) of Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Fa-iz Petra ibni Sultan Ismail Petra.

A total of 43 cows were contributed by Maxis, Government departments and agencies. The Sultan personally performed the qurban of a cow and a buffalo in the ceremony as well as slaughtered the first cow to be sacrificed. Also attended the ceremony were the Secretary of MAIK, Che Hamat bin Che Muda; Maxis East Coast region's Chief, Che Mazlan Mokhtar also employees of State Islamic Department, municipalities as well as villagers who have the skills to slaughter.

The sacrificial meats were distributed to almost 1,000 poor citizens around the area of the complex, Masjid Panji and Masjid Muhammadi, Kota Bharu.

Trivia :: The celebration of Eid-Adha in Kelantan is the most lively and festive compare to any other place in Malaysia.



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