Friday, June 11, 2010

The Wedding Ceremony


10th June 2010 – The Sultan of Pahang, HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah and the Crown Prince of Pahang, HRH Tengku Abdullah gives their consent to attend the wedding ceremony of Nurfaizah, a daughter to Jenderak State Assembly member, Datuk Mohamed Jaafar. The wedding ceremony of Nurfaizah and her husband, Mohd Redzuan Abdul Latif were held at Tun Razak Hall.


The State of Pahang is the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia. In the Federation, it is the third biggest state in term of size after Sarawak and Sabah. Most of the land is covered with rainforest. There several resources of where the state gets its name. In Siamese aborigines tribe word, Pahang means 'ore'. (That's probably explain why the state has large number of mines). In Malay word, Pahang means 'a very bad smell'. Traditionally causes by the fall of a large Mahang tree near the Pahang River. Pahang also known with its arabic honorific of "Darul Makmur"




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