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Foundation of the empire.

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Previously, we have learned the introduction of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma. For today topic, we will learn on the foundation of the Empire. Well, the empire did not built in a single night after all. Maybe most of the viewer does not like to learned history, so, I will try to be simple as possible.


Foundation of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma

Emperor Sai Tee Sung

The Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma is opened by Raja Merong Mahawangsa, grandchildren to Emperor Sai Tee Sung of the Tang Dynasty. They are descendents of Muslim who received Islam by Ibn Waqas who comes to China to propagate Islam (around 650M). Emperor Sai Tee Sung is the father to Emperor Shiekh Huang Ti Rom Chin Ser Wong. Sai Tee Sung ordered his son to build a mosque in “Khen Jang”.

P.S : (In Siamese word, Khen-Jang means Naik Jangkah. Khen-Jang probably refers to Qinqiang, Shaanxi Province, China).

The Xian Mosque


Emperor Sheikh Huang Ti Rom Chin Ser Wong later ordered his first prince, Merong Maha Wong Ser to propagate Islam at the Malay Peninsular while his second prince, Song went to Vietnam (Prince Song full name and history is unknown). His father ordered Maha Wong Ser to search a mountain with ruins of Mosque and Palace at the top. Later, Maha Wong Ser received a Kheta (Letter of Appointment) from his father. Before he leaves, his subordinates have already leaves to search for the place mention by the Emperor. They later arrive at a mountain and landing at a place name Yan. They later climb the mountain to investigate.

P.S : Merong Maha Wong Ser means “Naga Laut Pembesar Bangsa Harimau" (literally, the The Sea Dragon, Leader of the Tiger Race)”

Later, the subordinates of Maha Wong Ser wait for their Prince arrival. Prince Maha Wong Ser arrives at the destination around 175 Hijriah with hundreds of naval ships and thousands of soldiers. The subordinates who have climbed the mountain confirmed to Maha Wong Ser that they had found the ruins of a Palace and a mosque. After landing at Yan, Maha Wong Ser asks his subordinates, “Joo-Rai?” (Means “Siapa duduk”, or “Who’s settled here?”). Thus, up until now, the mountain is known as Gunung Jerai. Merong Maha Wong Ser asks to his father-in-law, Syed Jamal al-Jefri of Bani Hashim about the palace on top of the mountain. Syed Jamal later said it is the Ayut’ia Palace. Both the palace and the mosque are belonged to one of the faithful son of Nabi Nuh, Wali al-Mustapha who resides there. The palace is destroyed during the Great Flood.

(Gunung Jerai, the highest peak at the state of Kedah)

Later, Maha Wong Ser established a new Kingdom and settlement to be built at a valley besides Sungai Mas (Today, the place is known as Lembah Bujang near Sungai Petani). They built a new city named as Kuala Muda and a palace. They also built military fortresses (Today, it is mistakenly believes as a Hindu Temples). Maha Wong Ser is styled as Sultan Mudzaffar Syah.

(The Military Fotress of Kuala Muda today mistakenly believes as Hindu's Temple)

Daughter to Syed Jamal, Syarifah Mariam married with Maha Wong Ser and styled as Syarifah Mariam Pinang Tunggal. Their married is blessed with a prince name Syed Jamalul Alam Badrul Munir, styled as Phodiset.

P.S : In Siamese word, Pi-nang Tung-gal means "Jadi Permaisuri Tunggak Negara", or literally means "Mother of the Nation". While Phodiset means Lelaki Terbaik or The best man.

The tomb of Syarifah Mariam is named as Tok Soh located at Pinang Tunggal. Her husband, the tomb of Merong Mahawangsa who is styled as Sultan Mudzaffar Syah is located at Kg Langgar, Merbok.


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous! Mahawangsa comes from the word, "Mahavamsa" not Maha Wong Ser. Mahavamsa is actually the title of chronicle of ancient Ceylonese kings. Since Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa is an annal it is named after the Ceylonese chronicle.

The Hindu temple in Merbok obviously a Hindu temple. I've been to Bali and they look the same. Even the name Langkawi is not Lang Kawi but it was suppose to be Langka Dvipa (the Radiance Island in Sanskrit). Langka is a mythical name for the abode of the antagonist of Ramayana, Ravana.

We do not need to repress the facts that we were Hindus/Buddhists. It is a historical fact and there's nothing we can do about it.

I have Kedahan aristocratic background, my ancestors were the royal scribes, traditonal judges (kadis), administrators and harbourmasters (syah bandars) and the elder generations in my family knew the history of Kedah well. As far as I can recall my uncle used to tell us the story how the Siamese attacked us, the Kedahans and how they tortured us. We refer them as "Siam".

Anonymous said...

hmmmm i dont know that mahawangsa was the descendent's of the emperor of tang dynasty... well im not sure its true or not... and i dont know anything about it...

although my family was the descendent's of the Pattani kingdom (Langkasuka) and my late grandma was the daughter of the late sultan of kedah...

but its sound interesting.. =)


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