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The Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma is also known as Empayar Benua Siam Kedah in Malay. It is an Islamic Empire which ruled the Malay Archipelago in the past. Most of its history today is unknown by the generation today. In the history widely teach in the school today, the Federation of Malaysia previously is the home of the famous Sultanate of Malacca, The Great Malay Empire in the past. During the first time I do my research about Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma, I do not believe it. But it is not until I do my research deeper and found something about a land called as ‘Tanah Malaka’. After that I realize that there is something missing in our history today.

I can say that learning the history of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma is like playing the PS2 game of Ar-Tonelico. If the history is really is true, then, we actually living in a fairy-tale like history which doesn’t exist. Our fore-fathers lived as a great race and nation, but today, we have lost it. And when we learned it today, we do not understand it. It's just like an ancient word that has lost forever.

P.S – In my blog, I will state both history that we learned and Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma. Which one is true or false, it is up to you to decide.


The Empire is founded by Maharaja Merong Mahawangsa. His Muslim name is Sultan Mudzaffar Shah I, the grandchildren to Emperor Sai Tee Sung. The Kingdom is established around 640 – 840M. There are 33 Kings ruled the Empire. The official language is Siamese Language. (Please take note that the Siamese Language here is not Thais Language.). During the golden age of the empire, the empire covers the today Peninsular of Malaysia, Segenting Kra and modern Thailand today. The capital and imperial seat is Shahrul Nuri.

The Flag of the Empire

The map of the Empire at its greatest extend.

Among the Empires reigning Kings/Emperors are:-

Sultan Mudzaffar Shah I
Sultan Mudzaffar Shah II
Sultan Sayyidina Ali
Sultan Hussein Shah (840 - 881)
Sultan Sheikh Abdul Kadir (881 - 903)
Sultan Muhammad Syah I (903 - 993)
Sultan Riayat Syah (993 - 1094)
Sultan Aliuddin Al-Muzafal Syah (1094 - 1179)
Sultan Muadzam Syah (1179 - 1201)
Sultan Muhammad Syah II yang adil, Narasuan (1201 - 1300)
Sultan Mad Zaffar Syah III, Rama Tibodi I (1300 - 1369). The first Emperor of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma. His name is mention in the Batu Bersurat of Terengganu, known as Raja Mandalika. King of Toung Oo.
Tunku Nazreen, Ramesuan , (1369 - 1395) son of Sultan Mad Zaffar Syah III.
Sultan Salehuddin Muadzam Shah, Boromoracha I, (1370 - 1388)
Tuanku Mohamed Chan, Thong Chan, (1388 - 1395), The Sultan of Gangga Negara
Sultan Rahman Laksemana, Ramaratcha (1395 - 1409)
Sultan Razak, Intharatcha (1409 - 1424)
Sultan Rijaluddin Muhammad Johan Syah, (1424 - 1448) Rama Tibodi II Styled as Parameswara in Malacca).
Sultan Jalil Yaakob Shah, Boromotailokanat (1448 - 1491)
Tunku Muhammad Yusuf, Boromoraja II (1491 - 1533)
Ratsada (1533 - 1547)
Kaifa Tabim Sheik Ali @ Yot Fa @ Tabin Shwehti (1547 - 1548), The King of Toung Oo
Putera Jalil Yaakob Syah (1548), Syahbandar of Kota Setar
Sultan Mohammad, Chakraphat (1548 - 1569) The son of Sultan Jalil
Sultan Zahiruddin Mohamad Bahadur Syah, Mahathammaraja (1498 - 1530) married with Tuanku Nur Aishah ibni Sultan Rijaluddin Muhammad Johan Syah. Moghul's Emperor.
Syed Hassan, Naruesan (1530 - 1605), The King of Borneo
Tuanku Shaari Riayat Shah, Ekatotsarot (1605 - 1610), The Sultan of Riau
Syed Hisbu Muadzam Syah, Intaraja II (1610 - 1628), founder of Kota Beruas, Perak
Teh Abu, Chettha (1628 - 1629), younger brother to Sultan Shaari, The Sultan of Riau
Sultan Ali, Atthinawong (1629), also known as Hang Jebat. The Sultan of Riau
Phrasat Thong (1629 - 1655), Pangeran Kecil Bongsu of Brunei
Tuanku Jaafar, Ciao Fa Jai (1655 - 1656), The Sultan of Selangor
Sultan Mahmud Syah, Sri Su Tammaraja (1656 - 1668) The Sultan of Malacca. In war with the Dutch during the Dutch attack on Malacca in 1641.
Sultan Iskandar Muda Mahkota Alam, Narai. (1656 - 1688) Known as Hang Tuah at Malacca. The Sultan of Acheh.
Tengku Abu Narawanara, Pra Petraraja. (1656 - 1688) Known as Hang Kasturi at Malacca. Younger brother to Sultan Mahmud Syah. The Sultan of Legeh (Kelantan).
Sultan Mansor Syah, Sua (1703 - 1709) Known as Hang Lekir. His decendants comes to the Sultan of Pahang (Gelanggi) today.
Nang Che Puan, Phumintharaja (1709 - 1733), Queen to Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Nai Nal Adilin II.
Sultan Muhiyuddin Mansur Syah, Boromokot (1733 - 1758), Married with Princess Hang Li Po.
Sultan Mudzaffar Syah, Uthumpon (1758 - 1765), The Sultan of Pahang
Khalifah Syarif Abu Bakar Syah, Boromo Raja Ekataat V (1758 - 1767 - 1821), The last emperor ruled from Shahrul Nuri. Killed in a famous year known as Musuh Bisik
Sultan Mudzaffar Syah III (1821 – 1824)
Syed Alang Alauddin (1825 - 1862)
Sultan Jaafar Muadzam Syah (1862 - 1876), The last Emperor of Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma.

PS : The blue name refers to his real name while the green is their title in Siamese.(Please make sure, it is Siamese, not Thais). The indigo refer to their native royal title from their respective state. (The system is almost identical to the system of Malaysian Yang di-Pertuan Agong rotation system)

We will continue this on a more detail topic in the future. Until next time.


A Thai History person said...

This blog makes it seem as if Kedah ruled Siam!?
You are aware that it was the other way around aren't you?
And what do you mean "REAL" name?
Are you telling me that my King Rama Tibodi II's name is bakabaka-nasigorang or whatever it is you have written?!
I'm sorry I mean no insult but this view of History I will not accept.

Radin87 said...

Yes, that what it seems. This history said that Kedah was the one who ruled Siam in the past.
I have study the history and i am well aware. It is not just sounded like Kedah ruled Siam.. it is also sounded like Kedah ruled Malacca in the past.. If you said you can't accept it, then we are on the same boat.

And, there are about 70% unpublished article left about Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma. The make-up history can be traced. That's why I published both side of the story to see which one is true.

And I clearly stated that,
whether it is true or false.. it is up to you to decide...

Anonymous said...

Well if u ask me.Kedah has a long and great history in the past compare to tai wich just came to southeast asia 12-13 c.e.They also found a the oldest man made monument in southeast asia dating back 110ce and maybe earlier than that at sg mas,Kedah(correct me if im wrong).Some historian even state that there could be an ancient city back then and still burried.Heck!even Thep Krasattri(the two sister who fought the burmese) also came from Kedah MALAY Royalty not tai.(Sorry for my broken english Im still suck at dis).


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