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It is only an aid ship carrying passenger to Palestine to give a humanitarian help to the Palestinian. But somehow, it’s change into a crime that deserves death.

The news about a Turkish Ship been attacked by the Israelis Forces angered many people around the world. What more important is, the fate of our Malaysian on board the ship still left unknown. Among include in the list are Malaysian media crew from Astro Awanis and Malaysian Parliamentary Member, Mohd Nizar Zakaria, 41. This attack has been condemned by the Malaysian government.

Siamese Kedah Pasai Ma and Sultanate of Malacca

The Radin’s Blog proudly present the new topic for this month forward, the story of Malaysian former great empires, The Empire of Siamese Kedah and the Sultanate of Malacca. Actually, the Malaysian was taught that…

Our great fore-fathers had established the Great Sultanate of Malacca in 1400 and Parameswara was the first King of Malacca. Later, Parameswara convert into Islam and change its name to Raja Iskandar Shah. Later, Malacca reached its golden age during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah who married with Princess Hang Li Po, Princess of the Ming’s Emperor. The crown of Malacca prospers with the help of famous Bendahara (Advisor) Tun Perak and legendary Admiral (Laksamana) Hang Tuah. Malacca falls due to Portugese invasion in 1511 and the Port of Malacca been change into the citadel of A Famosa.

The remainder of A Famosa today, a small gate name Porta de Santiago

This is the history that we learned by many historian. But, they were wrong. According to history, Parameswara is not a person name, it is a title given to the King. Just like Pharaoh in Egypt, Emperor in Rome and Tsar in Russia, Parameswara is the title for the King of Malacca. The consort to Parameswara is styled as Permaisuri.

PS : Present, only Permaisuri title are still been used by the royal family.

Then again, many of our history were actually been change in the past by some unknown individual. Thus, the histories that we learned today are nothing more than a mere fairy tale. The names of a person exist but they exist in the wrong period of time. Namely, Princess Hang Li Po, Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir and many more.

PS : Hang Tuah for example, a famous and legendary Admiral (Laksamana) of Malacca, but where did he actually died? Where is his tomb? Nobody knows.

Never fear because Malacca was actually exists. But the real history is differs compared to what we learned today.

PS : We learned that Malacca gets its name by a name of a tree. Was it really true?

When the Sultanate of Malacca fall in 1511, the portuguese built a fort name A Famosa. Another confusion here. We learned that the name of word A Famosa means "The Famous".

PS : If you search in the dictionary, the word A FAMOSA bring no meaning in Portuguese language. (Famosa is not a Portuguese word). If really is A Famosa is "The Famous" in Portuguese, the fort will be named as O FAMOSO. So, where is Famosa came from?

Tune in for this exciting history documentary post in Radin’s Blog. Until next time.

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marie chin said...

a famosa is in ancient portuguese...a language no longer spoken in portugal, but still spoken by the grago of malacca till today and in some parts of the world once colonized by the portuguese like goa...


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