Thursday, October 15, 2009

BN : Change for the better

Once again Radin’s Blog bring to you a newsflash of Malaysia Politics. UMNO AGM, MCA EGM, not to mention PPP’s struggle made me excited for the news. But, please noted that this blog is not a political type blog. The struggle of National Front (BN) component party to changes themselves in order to get back the support from the voters. In fact, after 2008 General Elections, one by one BN component party suffered a major crisis.



Started from 13 October, the United Malay National Organization (UMNO) Annual Grand Meeting is held. And the party has started a major changes this year especially make up a numbers of amendment in its party constitution. It is to make the party more transparent, inclusive and democratic. The party president, Dato Seri Najib wants UMNO to change in time.

The amendment is agreed unanimously by all delegates.

"We want the people to love UMNO. All they wish is UMNO to transform. Indeed we are listening to their wish. We will change.”
(Najib, source)

MCA High Council Meeting

Ong (left) with Liow

The second largest component party has left without a leader after vote of no confidence has been passed to the Party President and Deputy President. And, the Party Central Committee has made a decision today to maintain Ong Tee Keat as the party President. While the party Vice-President, Liow Tiong Lai has been elected as the new party Deputy President. (source)

PPP Struggle

Murugiah (left) with Kayveas

Personally, I don’t know to consider this event as a party struggle, but the event is triggered by two people who previously led to a constitutional crisis to PPP. Senator T. Murugiah has filed a RM 10 million defamation suit against the PPP President M. Kayveas. Murugiah who is also the Deputy Minister in a Prime Minister’s Department claim that Kayveas has uttered false and malicious statement during press conferences on several occasions.

"What he said has tarnished my name and image as a deputy minister. Of course I have to do something about it."
(Murugiah, source)



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