Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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Today is the Indonesia Presidential Inauguration day, where President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyona to be sworn in for second term as Indonesian President. This is a first time in Indonesia after constitutional amendment where the President is elect to take offices for second term. President Susilo takes offices with new vice-president elect Boediyono. It is expected that Susilo will announce his new cabinet tomorrow. In the Presidential election, Susilo gains enough support to win the election in the first round, defeat the other 2 candidate, Megawati and Jusof Kalla.

Indonesia taking a new era during Susilo administration after experienced economic growth and political stability. Indonesia has the most Muslim population in the world and currently includes in the G-20. It is undeniable that Indonesia has rise into a new era. As the channel newsasia refer it as;

“The Garuda is rising”


As I always love history subjects and politics, it is an event I’ve been waiting for. Even though in South East Asia there are 7 democratic countries, only Indonesia and The Philippines has a President as both Head of State and Head of Government, or the system is called as ‘Full Presidential Republic’ with ‘Direct Democracy’. The only differs with this two nation is, Indonesia with 5 years term while Philippines with 6 years term. Indonesian President can hold the position for maximum 2 terms (10 years), while Philippines President cannot be re-elected.

The other country, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia is constitutional monarchy with Parliamentary Democracy. Singapore and Timor Leste adapt constitutional Republic with Parliamentary Democracy. Their system is differs where the Head of State and Head of Government is hold by two different person.



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