Monday, October 5, 2009


This is not a mere child’s play, Radin’s Blog today brings a serious newsflash when some of Indonesian activist declare war on Malaysia. The group is called as ‘Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat’ BENDERA (English = People’s Democracy Fortress) declare a war to the Federation of Malaysia, claiming Malaysia has ‘stealing’ many heritage and culture of Indonesia. For example, ‘Pendet Dance’.

Pendet Dance is a symbol of Bali . Why the heck should we Malaysian practice it?



Even more frustration is this declaration is done after the earthquake struck at Padang, Sumatera. Rather than wasting time, energy and money announce this irresponsible declaration, they should gives their utmost priorities to their own citizens in Padang. After the Padang Quake, two more earthquakes struck at Western Papua and Northern Sulawesi.


This so called People’s Fortress should priorities their own people should they?



Indonesia actually a big brother to Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam as this region is united with the same cultures, heritage and most important, religion. Indonesian should play their role as a protective big brother for these two countries. Even having their best president ever, it looks like some Indonesian has some kind of inferiority complex toward Malaysia. They can accept Singapore, why not Malaysia?

During this hard time, Malaysia still committed to play a part as a good neighbor and has announced a rescue team to give help to the victims of the disaster. This region has seen many wars in the past and still developing. We never need war to begin with.


H.R PuTeRa YuSoFF said...

fight 4 the right

Rosdan Teh said...

what right?..
you want right or exclusiveness?..


Budi said...

don't you ever claiming somethings that are not yours
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Radin87 said...

that's are the problem here.. we never claim any in the first place.

Pendet dance? since when did we practice it? ponogoro? clearly we state it as JAVANESE CULTURE AND FROM EASTERN JAVA. Batik? in malaysia it is Terengganu Batik. In Indonesia, it is JAVANESE BATIK.

Please give proof that we claiming indonesian culture....

Budi Setiawan said...

the proof is the front of your own eyes...
as personal, I hope between Indonesia and Malaysia can respect each others, we are brother and commonly both Indonesian and malaysian citizens is a Muslim.
The key is "Respect each other"
My posting title in my blog is: "Batik is belongs to Indonesia" I did not said that Malaysia claiming Batik! I just say Batik is not belongs to another countries.
But your article "Bendera Declare War Against Malaysia!????
Is that the way how you show your respect?
"Bendera" not representing all Indonesian Citizens!!!
Indonesian citizens love peace...
by the way...
If I want to be provocateur I just want to say: we send you back Noordin M. Top... he is an Malaysian Citizens isn't it?
But as a good Muslim and good Indonesian citizen, I show you my respect.. and I did not said that and posted that in my blog...
Is that clear???

Radin87 said...

Yes, I'm very clear for what you said as I also believe for harmony and peace between Malaysia and Indonesia

That's why I write "Bendera". Because Bendera is the one declaring the war and not Indonesia...
I know Indonesia love peace as my grandfather also an Indonesian. Thus, i cannot forgive anyone who distrupt the peace. Bendera or Nordin Mat Top...


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