Thursday, January 22, 2009


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MyMiniCity Pictures, Images and Photos

It is about a year since I found my own virtual city in this website. The player can found their city and must visit it at least once everyday. Each visit and click will change the city. It is very fun to see your own virtual city changes day by day.
The player can increase population, open an industry, improve transportation system, increase security system, improve environment and increase business.

Up until now, there are 3 city under my supervisions.

Orquesta City
I was a founder of this city. The name comes from UMP Orchestra Club, Orquesta. It is an official city for the UMP Orchestra Forum. I'm not the only one visit this city. Up until now, it is the most developed city under my supervisions.

Second city under my supervision. The founder is my friends and the city is named after his nickname, Nuwa.

Piol Field City
Third city under my supervision. The founder were also my friends and the city is named after his hometown, Padang Piol.



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