Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Chinese New Year

One week Chinese New Year Holiday is finally over. Here I am again at the University Malaysia Pahang campus. This post should be post during the Chinese New Year, but the same things happen each holiday.. I was to busy playing PS2. New game? No.. Its just a good old game Harvest Moon : A wonderful Life (Special Edition). But I will put it in a new post.

A brand new year of an Ox, it is said that anyone born in this year will be very intelligence and smart. A good example, Tun Dr. Mahathir and Saddam Hussein.

My little brother also born in this year. (He is born one month before the year of the tiger). Well, I think he is not the intelligent type, but rather a smart type. Always know how to kill a lonely atmosphere.

A quote from my father:
"If he's not around, the house feels empty"

Just like hari raya where we get 'duit raya', in chinese new year we receive 'ang pow' and a little more.. Oranges. Firstly, I always thougt that only chinese will give oranges this time of year, but supprisingly, I went to a Malay shop and guest what I got.. Oranges..!

Time really has change.

The only things that I regret that the holiday end too soon. We got only 1 weeks Holiday and guest what.. No more holiday untill the end of April. Which means the end of the semester. As this is my last semester, I feel a little sad, yet happy.. My time as a student has almost come to an end..

How I'm going to spent my little time here.?...

I should be more proactive and more active..



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