Friday, January 16, 2009

UMP Students from China

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Last Wednesday, 14 January 2009 a historic MINDS International is held at UMP. It is the assimilation night of the first batch UMP International Students from China. There are about 43 students who will pursue various courses, from first degrees to doctorate.

The students age between 18 to 20 will undergo a six month intensive English prepatory programme before their courses.

(picture from New Straits Times)

Before the special night

About a week before the special nights, my friends invite me to join the performance on that nights. Well, our performance is canceled anyway. So, I do not know the situation on that nights. But, I was present during the preparation day.

Many groups perform at that night, among of them, Imtiyaz, UMP Orchestra Club, and Tarian Pawana club. There are also other performance like traditional Chinese and Indians dance.

Thanks to all my friends for your hardwork at that night. It is important for us to gave our visitor a warm welcome so that they will feel like home. And someone has said, the event like celebrating someone from a royal family.. Haha... For the University, I would say it is quite an achievement. Keep it up!

And to all the foreign students from China,
Good Luck to all of you..



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