Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Asyura Porridge

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Today, 7 January 2009. While in Islamic calendar, it is already 10 Muharram 1430. It is a special day called the 'Asyura Day'. In the history of Islam, many special and important event occur on this day. For example, the Noah Arc (Bahtera Nabi Nuh) finally landed on dry land.

Thus on this special day, among the popular tradition of the muslims are to cooked the famous Asyura Porridge. This Asyura Porridge resembles closely the first food that being cooked on land after the Great Flood of Noah.

bubur asyura

This Asyura Porridge consist of 10 main ingredients, among of the ingredient are rice and nuts. It is a must have dishes on this day. (Of course, it is only once a year..)

Well, for those who haven't eat it yet..
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