Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MPO Event : Han-na Chang

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Malaysia Philharmornic Orchestra
MPO stands for Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Located in Petronas Twin Tower, about 25 UMP students under Orquesta Club go to this event. Of course it is a special night. Main performances is by the popular Korean Cellist Han-Na Chang. Her performance is held at 17 and 18 January 2009.

Petronas Twin Tower

Personally, it is my second time here. Kuala Lumpur is not my type of place. Even so, the prestige place like KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower is my kind of place. Count me in. We arrived around 4pm and we have about 4 hours before the main event start at 8.30pm. So, we're just hanging around at Suria KLCC.

The place I visit is the famous book shop Kinokuniya. Just expected, the book collection here is enourmous. As a manga collector, I went into the manga department, RM13.00 just for one book. Very expensive for me. Then I go to search for Violin Books. As a beginner violinist, I should get some refference about it. With my friends recomendation, I buy "Violin for dummies" for RM71.80. Even so, it's worth it after all.

Han-Na Chang Performance

And, the moment we were waiting for, 8.30pm. The main event. I was amazed by the spectacular performances by both MPO and Han-Na Chang. She play her Cello beautifully. This is my first time seing a solo cellist playing. During interval break, we see her. Very beautiful in person than in pictures I would say. She started playing since she was 11 years old. At that time I'm still a 7 years old kid.

Han-na Chang
Han-na Chang

I don't have enough money to get her CD's. Even doesn't enthusiastic enough to get her autograph. A very long line waiting to just get her autograph.

We're reach UMP about 3 am. Very tiring but in the end.. it is very fun.


Rowan said...

I got the Hanna Chang CD, I can lend to you if you want! She's truly talented, I can't wait to watch her in action again! :)


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