Sunday, January 4, 2009

Israel and Palestine

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I think the pictures above explain everything. Yes, save Palestine. Recently, I have see many articles and news regarding this matter. The battle between Israel and Palestine start once again.

I just want to keep quiet regarding this matter at first. But as a fellow muslims, I know that i can't just sit silently while my fellow muslims brothers died everyday. Since I was a kid, I always believe that there will be the time that Muslims and Jews can actually live together in peace. Looking at the situation, my only conclusion is the war will end when all the Palestinian died or leaves Palestine for good.

Today, my friends said to me that there is no use compromising with the Jews due to the fact that nothing will be gain from it. I'm not being racist or anything. I kinda agree. There is a number of peace treaty signed from both sides since the time of Yasser Arafat, but the outcome is just the same. Israel still invades Palestine.
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Palestine are not for Palestinian alone. It is belong to all muslims. It has been announced by the Caliph Omar himself after the muslims succeed to liberated the city.
I have refers to many Islamic scholar before about this issues, and the answer is the same. Peace will never comes to Palestine untill all of the Muslims around the world united as one. Looking at the situation now, its almost impossible. We are dividing into various countries with different leader. Even with OIC, its almost doesn't make any different.

In my research, I always pray to Allah (God) to guide me. At least give me some clue or answer. Why Muslims in during the time of Sahabat (Prophet Muhammad pbuh Companion) can actually liberated the city but none of us nowadays can. Are we too weak? Are we not good enough?
Whats wrong with us?!

It is about 2 years ago when one of the Muslim Missionaries said this to me;
"Muslims will never gained Palestine back untill they practiced Islam in all aspect of their life"
The first time I hear it, I feel like I'm just awake from a deep slumber. I notice that, the one to blame is not the Jews, but it is us.. The muslims.

Up until now, I see that most of the muslims nowadays does not follow a Muslims lifestyle but living their life like the Cristians and Jews themselves. This is why the helped from Allah never comes to the Muslims.
It is a shame that we blame the Jews from what they did to us, but in the end we follow them in all aspect of our life.

May Allah forgive us.



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