Thursday, January 22, 2009

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BARRACK OBAMA Pictures, Images and Photos
After winning the USA Presidential Elections, Barrack Obama finally sworn in as USA 44th President. It is a very special occasions where for the first time, the Black Americans finally chosen to become the first men of USA. Becoming the President of USA means unofficially as the 'World Leader'.

United States of America known for its authority as the world power and also a leading states for democracy. But, for just 8 years under the leadership of George W Bush, America experienced its 'dark era' of its history. I would say it is a blessed that USA constotution give limits only 2 terms maximum for serving as the President.
Just imagine, a reccession and 2 wars breakout in Afghanistan and Iraq in just 8 years.

Americans gave a obvious sign that they want a change in America. For among of the most developed country in the world, USA should serves a the example troughout the world. It is a huge hope for the Americans and the world so that Barrack Obama would change America that already suffers enough from their previous President.

It is a big responsibilities for Barrack Obama.
All the best for USA 44th President.



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