Monday, February 28, 2011

The third time

(picture from Utusan)
HRH Sultan Ibrahim of Johor after his arrival at Seremban Station

HRH Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar arrives at Negeri Sembilan after drives the locomotives of Ekspress Rakyat which on its way from Tanjung Pagar Station at Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Sental Station. The delegates consist of palace’s official departs from Johor Bahru Sentral Station at 9.15 am arrives safely at Seremban Station around 2.24 pm. Also accompanied the Sultan are the Menteri Besar of Johor, Datuk Abd Ghani Othman and KTMB Operation General Manager, Sarbini Tijan.

The train carries 350 passengers was drive by Sultan Ibrahim himself from Johor Bahru to Kluang Station. After a rest, he continuing driving again from Segamat Station until it arrives at Seremban Station. This is the third time of Sultan Ibrahim to drive a train after receives his train driving license during the Kembara Mahkota Johor in July 2010. The second time for Sultan Ibrahim was to attend the 223rd Meeting of Majlis Raja-Raja (Conference of Ruler).

Upon the arrivals of Sultan Ibrahim and his delegates at Seremban Station, they were greeted by the Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Negeri Sembilan, Datuk Seri Muhammad Hassan; States Secretary, Datuk Mat Ali Hassan; States Exco and President of KTMB, Datuk Aminuddin Adnan. Later, Sultan Ibrahim spends his time mingle with the public at the station. Sultan Ibrahim are scheduled to receives Darjah Kerabat Negeri Sembilan (DK) from the Yang Dipertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan, Tuanku Muhriz ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir.



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