Sunday, February 13, 2011

Concerns from the Queen

(picture from Utusan)
HRH Tuanku Raja Zarith Sofia during her visits and delivered the contributions

HRH Sultanah of Johor, Tuanku Raja Zarith Sofia show her concerns over the well-being of flood victims in the state of Johor. During her visits to the flood relief center at SMK Seri Medan, the Sultanah participate alongside with the locals hear a tazkirah given by State’s Religious Advisor, Datuk Nooh Gadut. The tazkirah program was set to relief the tensed and sadness of the resident affected by the flood and to restore their spirits which have badly affected especially had to lives in a crowded relief center and also had to faces the loss of property due to the natural disaster.

After the program, the Sultanah has delivered the personal contribution of daily necessities to the victims and spending the time with the locals, including make a visits to the area in Seri Medan which still affected by flood. Also presence are MP of Parit Sulong, Datuk Noraini Ahmad; MP of Sri Gading, Datuk Mohamed Aziz and Chairman of Women, Family and Social Committee of Johor, Dr Robia Kosai.



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