Thursday, November 11, 2010

UPSR Results~~

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Good afternoon everyone! Today is another bright and shiny day, but it is also a special and important day, especially for 12 years old kids. Yes~~ I think you can already guess what today is, the announcement of UPSR results. (Primary Shcol Examination). When I read the paper this morning, 48,327 candidates out of 482,334 candidates score straight A’s in their examination. Well done.

It makes me remember the time when my name was announced to get my UPSR slip 11 years ago. Well, I am so nervous at that time. It is the same with my second brother (angah), we just anxiously waiting at home. And his result was among the best in our family. But~~ this is my problem now. My youngest brother doesn’t even bother to feel anxious or scared, unlike us or my other two cousins who also will get their results today. He just, what should I call it~~~ Hmmm~~ Cool~~~~ (enough to make me furious that is!!) (>.<)

Well, relax~~ Just relax.

Well, it’s already 12.25pm, the results has been announced!!. But, much to my frustration, my mother has warn me not to published any of my brother result in the facebook and blog~~ (What we call it as~~~ Biarlah Rahsia~~)

Anyway, I just feel he gonna be alright. He doesn’t even bother anyway. Huhuhu.

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Anonymous said...

Waaaaaa! I'm crying now! I just get 3A 2B.I think the examiner is Chinese.Cos' he/she puts my BM(K) B! So,I get A for Mathematic,Science and BM(P) :'(


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