Friday, April 15, 2011

The Royal Crown

Most reigning monarch in the world shall have in their possessions, The Royal Crown as a symbolic of their authority as the reigning King or Queen. In Malaysia however, Royal Crown is not the very symbol of our Malay Monarch as the monarch has an especially design Malay headdress called as The Tengkolok. Each state has its own unique designed for the reigning Sultan. Nevertheless, there are 4 Sultans in Malaysia which has a Royal Crown in their possession.

The States which have the Royal Crown is Johor, Terengganu, Kelantan and Selangor.

The Crown of Johor


The Crown of Johor probably the most exclusives and rarely showed in the public. It is also known as the crown of Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. The Crown was originally used for the Coronation ceremony of the Sultan of Johor. Nevertheless, the last Sultan ever to be officially crowned was HRH Sultan Ismail Al-Khalidi. The Sultan of Johor does not have any Tengkolok for any official function.

The Crown of Terengganu


The Crown of Terengganu is a Gold coloured Crown. Also used during the coronation ceremony of the Sultan of Terengganu. Depicted in the State’s coat of arm, it is the very symbol of the Terengganu Royal Family. The Sultan also have a specially design Royal Tengkolok for official functions.

The Crown of Kelantan


The Crown of Kelantan has a similar design with the Crown of Terengganu. It is also been used during the coronation ceremony of the Sultan. The Sultan of Kelantan also has its own Designated Tengkolok for official function. It is unknown if the reigning Sultan Muhammad V will be officially crowned in the coronation ceremony.

The Crown of Selangor


The Crown of Selangor, unlike any other has a similar shape with the Malay Songkok. In the front, there exists a unique shape of feather-like ornament. It is used during the coronation ceremony of the Sultan of Selangor. Just like Terengganu and Kelantan, The Sultan of Selangor also have a designated Tengkolok for the Sultan official functions.



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