Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Sultan's medical checkup

4th May 2010. Sultan of Kelantan, HRH Sultan Ismail Petra supposedly received further treatment in the Mount Elizabeth Hospital at Singapore today. But, it looks like someone trying to prevent the Sultan from taking off to Singapore. The private jet that supposedly be used by the Sultan also did not get any permission to land at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport at Pengkalan Chepa. Due to the delay, the flight that supposedly taking off at 11.30 am been rescheduled at 7.50 pm by using commercial flight. The flight will taking off at 7.30 pm and later takes off to Singapore at 10.30 pm.

Also accompany The Sultan of Kelantan are the Queen of Kelantan, Tuanku Anis and another three doctors including the Sultan’s private doctor. But, the transport was blocked by the security guard and later the Sultan of Kelantan was taken to Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital (HUSM) at Kubang Kerian. The transport carrying the Sultan’s third son with his bodyguards is not allowed to follow the transport of Sultan Ismail Petra.

There are no statements released by the Kelantan Royal Family Household about the event.



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