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Masjid Al-Haram

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Masjidil Haram

The architectural segment for this month covers the holiest sites in Islam, Masjid al-Haram. Masjid al-Haram means “The sacred mosque”. It is the biggest and oldest mosque in the world. The mosque located at Makkah al-Mukkaramah, and surrounds the Kaabah, the place which Muslims turn towards while offering daily prayers. The mosque consist of internal and outer praying space and during the Hajj, it can accommodate almost 4 million people.

Currently, the structure covers an area of 400,800 square meters (99 acres).



The construction of the Mosque outer wall started in 692 during the Umayyad Empire. At that time, the mosque was a small open area with Kaabah at the center. In 1570, the mosque is renovated again by Sultan Selim II’s private architect. The renovation resulted with a domed roof replaced the flat one and decorated with calligraphy inside of it and a new support columns. The renovation took place again in 1620s after the mosque is damaged by rain. This time, a new stone arcade is added, the marble floor was retiled and three more minarets were built. Later, no renovation been made for almost three centuries.

Masjidil Haram (1951)
Masjidil Haram in 1951 after the last renovation

The current architecture and design of the mosque is done during the Saudi era. Almost 4 renovations were made resulted the further expansion of the mosque. The latest expansion started in 2007 and is expected to last in 2020.

The expected look of Masjidil Haram in 2020



The Kiblat of all Muslim. The Muslim will faces the Kaabah in their daily prayer.


Interior of Kaabah
Interior of Kaabah

One question from me, When we are praying inside the Kaabah, which direction should we face?

The answer is :-
Inside of Kaabah, you can face anywhere you like. :D

Zam-Zam Well

The well located in Masjid al-Haram. According to my relatives who has went there for Hajj, the taste of the water differs when drink it in Makkah and outside of Makkah. More tastier when drink it in Makkah.

Zam Zam Well nowadays
Zam Zam Well

Original Zam Zam Well
The original structures of Zam Zam Well


Imams at Haram Sharif are :-

Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
  1. Sheikh Dr Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Chief of Imams of Masjid al-Haram
  2. Sheikh Dr Saud Al-Shuraim, Deputy Chief of Imams of Masjid al-Haram
  3. Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al-Johany
  4. Sheikh Mahir Al-Muaiqely
  5. Sheikh Khaled Al-Ghamdi
  6. Sheikh Dr Salih Bin Abdullah Al-Humaid
  7. Sheikh Dr Usaama bin Abdullah Al-Khayyat
  8. Sheikh Dr Salih Al-Talib
  9. Sheikh Muhammed Al-Subayyil
  10. Sheikh Faisal Al-Ghazzawi


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