Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ending of 25th SEA Games

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25th SEA Games

The 25th Laos Sea Games 2009 has finally comes to an end. This is the first time where Laos has ever hosted an international event and the countries cultures, hospitality and warm welcome has been accepted by all participants. The biannual SEA Games traditionally hosted by rotation system and Laos usually are exceptions due to the countries socio-economy. But in 2003, Vietnam nominated Laos to host the game and Lao gladly accept.

Thailand emerges as the over-all champion in this year game as the country gain 86 gold medal. Vietnam in the second place after gains 83 gold and Indonesia is in the third with 43 gold. It is a shocking truth that the Vietnam capability in sports has increased over the years.

For the Malaysian Team, Congratulation, well done and thanks for all your hard work. Gaining 40 gold medals has placed the country in the fourth place not to mention able to over achieve the medal target of only 35 gold.

Daniel Bego
Daniel Bego, Most outstanding swimmer in Malaysian Team

Malaysian Football Team
Malaysian Football Team under 23

Congratulations especially to Daniel Bego who bagged 3 gold and 2 bronze medals for the country in swimming, and not forget to the most meaningful gold medal from our football team. After 20 years, Malaysia finally able to get the football's gold again. The taste for victory is indeed sweet. We are finally able to defeat the football giant in the region, Thailand and Vietnam.

After the closing ceremony, the host for 26th SEA Games in 2011 is supposedly Singapore, but Singapore suspends the hosting to 2013 and their placed is taken by Indonesia. The Games will be held in various placed around Sumatera.



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