Monday, April 23, 2012

As a royal blogger, I have an almost complete set of royalty list from each respective State ruled by a monarch. It is coming handy especially when I need revisions for my royalty article. Today, I read in the newspaper about the titled royalty from Kedah, the Tunku Laksamana lodges a police report regarding the amendment made by the State Legislative Assembly of an enactment to give absolute power to the state mufti and fatwa committee. Following the amendment, all decisions by the mufti and the fatwa committee need not be gazetted and cannot be challenged in any court, whether syariah or civil.

According to the Tunku Laksamana, he lodges a police report out of fear that the enactment will usurp the powers of the Sultan of Kedah, who is the head of Islam in the state. The story all goes well, but here is the question. All newspapers stated the name of Tunku Laksamana is Tunku Mansor bin Tunku Kassim. In all my years as a royal blogger, the Tunku Laksamana of Kedah has always be the Sultan's half-brother, Tunku Abdul Hamid Thani ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah.

Then, who is Tunku Mansor bin Tunku Kassim who lodge the police report? Is this some kind of typing error? Because if it is, it is a seriously silly mistake.


Mohamad Syardanie Anuar Nordin said...

Mungkin depa ingat Dato' Tunku Malik Tunku Kassim yang pernah menjadi Tunku Laksamana sebelum Tunku Abdul Hamid Thani kot...


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