Thursday, April 5, 2012

Visit to Bukit Kepong

The Undang (Territorial Chieftain) of Rembau, Datuk Muhammad Sharip Othman and wife, Toh Puan Siti Ramalah Yusuf headed a delegate consist of 45 individuals from the Rembau Territory Institution to visit the Police Museum of Bukit Kepong in Johor. The visit is to witness the historical artifact regarding the Communist attack to the Bukit Kepong Police Station on 23rd February 1950, which resulted the death of 24 polices and their families. The Undang were also heard a briefing for about an hour regarding the history and the attack of Bukit Kepong before visiting the graves of those who are killed in the battle.

Also present were the Chief of Police of Muar, Asst. Comm. Mohamad Nasir Ramli; District Officer Representative, Yatim Makmur; Headsman of Bukit Kepong Sub-district, Azhari Bidin and family members of those who are killed in the battle.



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