Monday, April 2, 2012

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Today we have heard another sad and shocking news, but now it is neither a royal death or royalty news, but it is about a civil casualty after a bombing take place in the southern Thailand in Yala and Hatyai. The bombing resulted a death of our fellow Malaysian and eight others were severely injured. The incident taking place at Lee Garden Plaze Hotel resulted hundreds of Malaysian were injured due to the explosion. According to the Governor of Songkhla, Grissada Boonrach, 416 people were injured in the incident. The Thais Police meanwhile stating that the bomb attack is an act of terrorism. The Thais Government generously agreed to bear all Malaysian medical cost in form of 4,000 baht (RM400).

Looking at the circumstances, it is really sad to witness of what has become to the Southern Thailand. This is a fact that probably most of us has started to forget is, the territory even though under the territory of Kingdom of Thailand, the geographical land in the southern Thailand is still a part of Malaya (Tanah Melayu). Even 80% of the population is predominantly ethnic Malay, which embrace Islam. So, it is not complete to learn about the Malaysian history especially regarding the Malay States if we do not learn the history of southern Thailand. In by any chance also the land of a famous Sultanate in the past..

The lost Malay Sultanate of Patani.

It's not just Patani, but it also cover the land area of Setul (Satun), Ujung Salang, Bukit (Phuket), Singgora (Sonkhla), Mardelong (Phattalung) up to the Segenting Kera (Isthmus of Kra). But in this topic, I will just focus on Patani.

The lost Sultanate

The map below signify the location of Pattani during the age of the Malay Kingdoms. Locating in the north, the sultanate borders and shares identical language ascent and culture with that of Kelantan. The state also bordered the Sultanate of Singgora in the north. What exactly happening to the famous Sultanate in the past? The same thing is happening in the north just like its happening in the south.

In 1824, the British and Dutch signed the English-Dutch Treaty separating the Johor-Riau Empire into two parts, the mainland and the Riau archipelago. The same thing happening in the north where in 1909, a treaty between Siam and British at that time separating the two neighbouring states to the current international border today. The States of Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis still retain their respective Sultan. But not in the case with Pattani. The ill-fate of Pattani start as early as 1786 following the Siamese invasion towards Pattani. The invasion resulted total annexation of Pattani to the Kingdom of Siam in 1902.

Patani Royal Palace

The royal palace of Pattani known as Istana Lama Darul Fathonah. It is still written in Jawi manuscript. The old palace supposedly located on the other side of this wall.

The last Sultan of Patani

The last Sultan of Patani was His Highness Sultan Abdul Kadir Kamaruddin ibni Almarhum Sultan Sulaiman Sharifuddin. He ruled from 1899 until 1902 when he was forced to flee the State following the Siamese invasion and settled in Kelantan. He personally led the Patani Malay Liberation until his death in Kelantan in 1933. According to historians, when Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah federated with the existing States of Federation of Malaya in 1963 and known as Malaysia afterward, the State of Pattani were also put into consideration. But, for some unknown reason, the Prime Minister at that time, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj dropped the idea.

Whatever happen in the Southern border of Thailand, it is best for us as fellow Malaysian to become a good neighbour and keep a neutral stance regarding the matter. Even though it is in our best interest to see the once beautiful Malay State of Patani will once again flourished and returned back to its former glory.

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Anonymous said...

So who would be the rightful sultan if the sultanate was restored?

Radin87 said...

Up until now, it is totally unknown who is the pretender to the crown. When Sultan Abdul Kadir Kamaruddin died in 1933, the liberation movement of Patani were led by his son, Tengku Mahmud Muhyiddin. The liberation slowly lost momentum after he died in 1954.

But, his descendants is widely unknown. Perhaps some are living in Thailand and some migrated into Malaysia. The late Tengku Budriah of Perlis were among the descendent of Patani Royalty.

Husam Waksa said...

we are part of descendant, widely known as al waksa family which comes from the word or Seri Wangsa


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