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The death of His Royal Highness the Raja Kechil Sulong, Raja Ashman Shah ibni Sultan Azlan Shah has shocked many of Malaysians, probably more than that of what I would imagine. In this last two days, I have checked my blog and this so call 'electrical surges' still continue. The death of a humble and down-to-earth Prince have effect the life of everyone especially the Perakian Royal Family itself. Looking at the sad face of His Royal Highness the Raja Muda (Crown Prince) of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah at the funeral ceremony who is also the elder brother of the late Raja Ashman Shah, I can imagine the sadness and lost that he had to face. It is best for now, we prayed to the Almighty Allah so that the late Raja Ashman Shah shall rest in peace.

The death of Raja Ashman Shah left the position of Raja Kechil Sulong of Perak vacant. There is nothing ordinary if we talking about Perak line of succession even though I agree it is too early to discuss about it. The Raja Kechil Sulong is a Perakian Royal-Rank title which brought with it to any Perakian Royal Princes who been invested the title the position of fourth in line to the Perakian throne. Even though it is called as Sistem Penggiliran Tahta Negeri Perak, it is clearly not a rotation-based line of succession but more to a rank-based line of succession. Probably the only kind of it in the world. Where, in this system, the line-of-succession only reserved six place for six royal princes lining up for the throne. Who shall be in the line? It is under the judiciary of the Sultan of Perak with the advice of Dewan Negara Perak (Royal Council of Succession) to decide.

Those who are among the six Princes in the line of succession, which can also be refer to as the Hereditary Princes is the only one and only them can inherit the throne. The other royalty, even the son of a monarch are barred to inherit the throne if the reigning monarch chooses not to appoint him to the position. When one seat is vacant, the lower seat will fill in the vacancy and the Sultan will appoint another descendent of Perakian royalty into the most junior seat in the line of succession. Since amendment in 1953, the six position in the line of succession is as below :-

  1. Raja Muda (Crown Prince), the Heir Apparent. It is clear that he will the first to ascend the throne.
  2. Raja Di-Hilir, the First Hereditary Prince. The second in line to the throne
  3. Raja Kechil Besar, the Second Hereditary Prince. The third in line to the throne
  4. Raja Kechil Sulong, the Third Hereditary Prince. The fourth in line to the throne
  5. Raja Kechil Tengah, the Fourth Hereditary Prince. The fifth in line to the throne
  6. Raja Kechil Bongsu, the Fifth Hereditary Prince. The sixth in line to the throne
Currently, the seat of Raja Kechil Sulong and Raja Kechil Bongsu are vacant.

Future development.

Currently it is the rarest opportunity to witness the flow to the throne. Currently, following the vacancy of the Raja Kechil Sulong, the holder of the title of Raja Kechil Tengah will fill in the vacancy. The Raja Kechil Tengah currently is held by the son of the late Raja Ashman Shah, Raja Ahmad Nazim.

So, the first position is cleared. Nevertheless, who shall fill in the vacancy of Raja Kechil Tengah and Raja Kechil Bongsu? Like I said previously, it is under the jurisdiction of the Sultan of Perak to decide. Nevertheless, it is not hurt to make an early prediction. Currently, there are three royal houses held the position in the line of succession.

Descendant of Sultan Azlan Shah

Currently, all male heir of Sultan Azlan Shah has been appointed as the Hereditary Prince with exception of one, the son of Raja Muda (Crown Prince), His Highness Raja Azlan Muzaffar Shah. Nevertheless, the 4 year-old prince is unlikely to be appointed until he is much older. In the future maybe. In this 2,3 years.. probably not.


Descendant of Sultan Abdul Aziz

Currently the heir of Sultan Abdul Aziz who is the member in the line of succession is His Royal Highness the Raja Di-Hilir of Perak, Raja Jaafar bin Almarhum Raja Muda Musa. He is married to Raja Nor Mahani and the marriage produce a son and a daughter. It is unknown when his son is born, but it is safe to say before 1976. A suitable age to bear a responsibility as the Hereditary Prince.

  1. Raja Shah Azman bin Raja Jaafar
There is more but for now, I keep it just for the line of Raja Jaafar.

Descendant of Sultan Idris II

Sultan Idris Shah has many offspring from his several marriages. The only heir of Sultan Idris Shah II who is in the line of succession is His Royal Highness the Raja Kechil Besar of Perak, Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain ibni Sultan Idris Shah II. He is married to Tunku Soraya binti Tunku Abd Aziz, who is by chance an adopted daughter and niece to the Sultan of Kedah, Tuanku Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah. His sister, Her Royal Highness Raja Zarith Sofia is the consort of the Sultan of Johor. His marriage produced five children, three sons and two daughters.

  1. Raja Nabil Imran
  2. Raja Idris Shah
  3. Raja Siff ud-din
Looking at the background of Raja Idris Iskandar and his consort, their sons is another good example of Princes to hold the responsibilities as a Hereditary Prince.

Well, this is just a prediction. This is the uniqueness of Perakian line of succession. Where the Sultan have the power to appoint several Princes from various descendant to inherit the throne, even though the most senior line will have the precedence to be appointed. This is the main reason of how Perak gets its best line of great Sultans like Sultan Idris I, Sultan Abdul Jalil and Sultan Alang Iskandar Shah. Let's wait until the Succession Council convened and discuss the matter.

We end here for today. Until next time.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain's wife is called Tunku Soraya bin Sultan Abdul Halim, not bin Tunku Abdul Aziz.

Anonymous said...

Sultan Abdul Halim mempunyai seorang anak kandung sahaja iaitu Tunku Intan Safinas. Tunku Soraya dan kembarnya almarhum Tunku Sarina adalah anak angkat baginda...

Anonymous said...

tunku soraya binti tunku abdul aziz merupakan anak saudara Sultan Kedah


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