Friday, December 10, 2010

The Malay Privileges (Part 2)

After a series of speeches made by the Sultan of Perak and Sultan of Pahang, the topic of Malay Privileges still lingers on. The latest is, the Sultan of Johor, HRH Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar following their footsteps. The racial issue in Malaysia has always been used by some group of politicians for their own personal gain. Thus, it led a series of speeches by Sultans to clarify the issues.

Sultan of Johor

Sultan Ibrahim

HRH Sultan Ibrahim of Johor has reminded the Malays to always do a self reflection and always bear in mind to protect the Malay Sovereignty. It is because of recent event where a certain groups of Malay have tried to denied and questioned it even has been written in the country’s constitution. In his speech, the Sultan of Johor has stated that, he must remind the citizens who not understand or misunderstood about the term of ‘Malay Supremacy’. It is about the Malay Rulers sovereignty and its people that preserves to this very day and not about a literal relation of Master and Slave.

Malay Supremacy refers to the sovereignty of the Malay States with the ranking of the Malay Rulers as the Head of State. When the nation gets its independence, the British handed back the country to its rightful owner, the Malay Rulers and its people. And thus, with the formation and the spirits of Federation, all races rights and privileges is secured, respected and protected by the constitution.



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