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December Discussion

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December finally here, we already comes to the end of the year 2010. Time flew by so fast. There are many important events occur in this year, including the second anniversary of Radin’s Blog. It been a thrilled to serves all my visitor, follower and blogwalker with all the news and story from the Malaysian Palace. Talk about Palace, we have various beautiful palaces and castle here in Malaysia. Whether it is a modern one or classic, we have it. Here is some of the example;-

Istana Kenangan, currently served as the Royal Museum. It has an unique architecture design, built without the used of any nails. A very symbol of Malay Architecture.

Talk about December, the monsoon season has come again. It is among the reason why the government changes the school break in December; it is a flood season. The meteorology department has raised a warning about a second wave of flood in time. So, better be ready.

First Lady of Malaysia?

Alright, here is another issue have been brought up in the blogging world in recent 2 and 3 months. The used of “First Lady of Malaysia” title for the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. In Malay, it is known as “Wanita Pertama Negara”. Is it constitutional?

First of all, the title is supposedly not in used in the first place. It is because; Malaysia adapted the system of Constitutional Monarchy. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong (The Supreme Ruler) is the nation Head of State. Thus, the consort to the Supreme Ruler, HM Raja Permaisuri Agong (The Supreme Queen) is constitutionally the First Lady of Malaysia. The Supreme Queen takes precedence in all women here in Malaysia. Thus, there is no need for the wife to a Prime Minister to use the title as “First Lady”

If we look at the usage of the title “First Lady”, it is used to the spouse of the Head of State. The usage of “First Gentlemen” is used if the President is a woman. So, all spouses to the President are entitled as First Lady. Among the easy example is, First Lady of USA, First Lady of Indonesia, First Lady of the Philippines and others. The spouses to the Head of Government, the Prime Minister’s wife have no exclusive title. In Britain and Canada for example, the Prime Minister’s wife is refer to as “The wife of the Prime Minister”. As simple as that.

Here is some example of First Ladies ;-

Michele Obama, The First Lady of United State of America

Ani Yudhoyono, the First Lady of Indonesia. In Indonesia, she is known as "Ibu Negara"


So, if taking Malaysia for example, the First Lady title belongs to HM Raja Permaisuri Agong. As Malaysia is a nation adapted the system as Constitutional Monarchy, the Prime Minister outranks all other except, The Royal Family. Thus, his wife is included. What is the title for Malaysian Prime Minister’s wife? “The wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia”.

HM The Supreme Queen of Malaysia, Tuanku Nur Zahirah.
Constitutionally outranks any women in the nation.

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur, not the 'first lady of Malaysia', not even the second.
The exact title, "The Wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia"


piasara said...

very good information i've got here..nice knowing u n yr blog..

alexa yussida said...

very good info~
yeah..the exact title^^

Betta sp said...

A bit confusing, why should raja permaisuri agong is the first lady in malaysia?

how about the former permaisuri agong?

Radin87 said...

first of all, it has been stated in the constitution that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall takes precedence in all person in the federation. Thus, the consorts to the king is include.

It is not confusing really, because Tuanku Nur Zahirah takes precedence above all Queen in Malaysia..The Supreme Queen of Malaysia is the First Lady in Malaysia,
You can refer here..

Thus, even when compare among all Queen, Tuanku Nur Zahirah still is the First. That why I said, the wife of the Prime Minister is not the first, not even the second.
She is not qualified with the title of First Lady.

The Prime Minister's wife exact title is still :-

"The wife of the Prime Minister"

Muhamad syukri dzun nurin said...

its cool radin...sesuatu yang harus diberitahu pada semua..

Betta sp said...

thanks for your info, i've never know it before:)


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