Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sultan Muhammad V

Tengku Muhammad Faris

The new proclaimed Sultan of Kelantan, Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra will be styled as HRH Sultan Muhammad V. The Chairman of Kelantan Royal Family Household, Datuk Abd Hamid Hamad said, the used of the Sultan officials styled and name started since the proclamation of the new Sultan on 13th September 2010. His majesty has given his consent about the styled and name.

In the history of Kelantan, the name has been used by several reigning Sultan of Kelantan in the past.

Long Muhammad bin Long Yunus, Sultan Muhammad I (1800 - 1835)

Long Senik bin Long Tan, Sultan Muhammad II (1836 - 1886)
also known as Sultan Muhammad Mulut Merah.

Long Kundur bin Sultan Ahmad, Sultan Muhammad III (1890 - 1891)

Long Senik, Sultan Muhammad IV (1900 - 1920)

In advance, the Kelantan Royal Palace will inform all state government office about the new official name of the Sultan.



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