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What is Independence Day and what is Malaysia Day? Independence Day is on 31st August, the day where our country received independence. Malaysian Peninsular received independence on 31st August 1957 while the Malaysian Borneo received independence on 31st August 1963. Malaysia Day on the other hand, is the date of formation and unity of our country, the Federation of Malaysia. We are formed on 16th September 1963. The Federation of Malaysia at that time consists of Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. Nevertheless, unlike our peace independence, Malaysia formation is not an easy task. Malaysia experienced bloody conflict with the neighbouring countries which oppose the formation of Malaysia.

After the Federation of Malaya gains independence from Britain, the other British Protectorate of Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Singapore still under British rule. Singapore receive a status of self-governing status in 1959 faces another threat, Communism. The Federation of Malaya have been fighting with the Communist Party for years and this can be prove to be fatal especially the ruling party in Singapore at that time, People Action Party (PAP) lost in some small by-elections in some constituency. Thus, the idea of formation of Malaysia is brought up to unite all of the British Protectorate into one united Federation. When the idea is brought up, all parties in Federation of Malaya parliament agrees.

Federation of Malaysia consist of 13 states. Brunei Darussalam rejected the idea of joining the Federation. Singapore separate from the Federation in 1965

The Southern Thailand originally belong in Tanah Melayu. The 4 southern states also included in the original plan.

The original plan is to include Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Malaya, Singapore and 4 Thailand Southern States of Menara (Narathiwat), Jala (Yala), Singgora (Songkhla) and Pattani. Nevertheless, the real threat finally arises. Malaya and Singapore was the only state agrees with the formation. Sabah and Sarawak originally oppose the plan. Nevertheless, after a series of explanation throughout the region, the populations finally accept the plan. Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Omar Ali Saiffuddin personally agrees with the formation, but rejected the idea after a revolt by the Bruneian who oppose the plan, including the oil taxes factor. Most of Malay Nationalism group widely support the idea of joining the 4 Thailand southern states into the Federation.

Indonesia and The Philippines started the series of opposition to the formation. The Philippines tries to claim Sabah as the region was traditionally belong to the Sultan of Sulu which have been under The Philippine territories. Indonesia widely oppose where Sukarno dubbed the formation as the neo-imperialism which another way of Malaya to colonized the Borneo Island. Indonesia later announces a military confrontation towards Malaysia which at that time knew as ‘Ganyang Malaysia’. This resulted the formation date which originally designated on 31st August 1963 have to wait and extended until 16th September 1963. The series of opposition by Indonesia and the Philippines resulted Tunku Abd Rahman to drops the 4 southern state of Thailand to join the Federation. It is not wise to increases another enemy towards the new nation (Even though some politicians dubbed this as a personal problem of Tunku Abd Rahman who is the grandchildren of King Chulalongkorn of Thailand). Thus, on 16th September 1963, the new Federation of Malaysia was born.

Tunku Abd Rahman and Lee Kuan Yew

The Federation still under a series of tension, and this time, it is between the Federal Government and Singapore State Government. As the state of Singapore is the most developed state in the Federation, Lee Kuan Yew does not want Tunku Abd Rahman to treat Singapore as a small state like Pulau Pinang and Malacca. In addition, the idea of constitution which separates the citizens through races of Malay, Chinese and Indian is not well received by Lee Kuan Yew who started the idea of Malaysian Malaysia. The political struggle between the Tiger and the Lion continues until the general election 1965, where the PAP should not contest in Malaya, and The Alliances should not contest in Singapore, do so in the election. Thus, on 9th August 1965, the Parliament of Malaysia special sessions was convened and a bill is brought up. And the result, 126 MPs unanimously agrees to separate Singapore from the Federation.


And now, it is these thirteen states of Malaysia still united as one, faces the good and bad time together. The Federation now reaches its 47 years and still standing strong. Currently, the Federation has tries to achieve the status of Fully-Developed Nation and a high income Nation. May the Federation of Malaysia will stands strong in the future. Thus, even with a problems is around us, lets us work together hand in hand to make Malaysia an even better country to live.

Happy 47th Anniversaries Malaysia

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