Thursday, April 1, 2010

My New Life

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
Welcome to my blog.


This day mark the second weeks of my new live in Selangor. An offer letter came to me 3 weeks ago from Symmid Corporation. It is an offer letter to attend the MDEC Job Camp sponsored by MSC Malaysia. Even though it is not guarantee that I will be offer a job in the company, the courses are pretty useful and interesting. And of course, tiring. The training program is held at Petaling Jaya (PJ). At first, it is really hard for me to adjust my life in the big city especially in Greater Kuala Lumpur or commonly refer to as Klang Valley.

No matter what happen, I can't just refused the offer. A chance for me to get a job as a Design Engineer is just in front of me, not to mention a free course and with allowence! (It a waste to reject it). The course is getting harder day by day. Well, just face the fact that, to gain something we must sacrifice something equal in value. What a litle hardship compare to a more better life in the future. (^_^)



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