Thursday, April 15, 2010


A member of Kelantan Royal family, Tengku Merjan Sultan Yahya Petra lodge a police report so investigation can be made to the manager of the Kelantan Royal Family Household, Datuk Abdul Halim Hamad and a lawyer, Datuk Shukri Mohamad for allegedly involve in a plan to overthrow the reigning Sultan of Kelantan, HRH Sultan Ismail Petra. The police report had been made at Ampang Jaya Police Station.

According to Tengku Merjan, she has a copy of CD that contains a discussion between Abdul Halim and Shukri with reporters on the issue of Sultanate of Kelantan. The CD currently had spread in Kelantan and feared it can give a bad impression to HRH Sultan Ismail Petra and can lead the Kelantanese into confusion.

Tengku Merjan who is also the older sister to HRH Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Ismail Petra also gives her concern that, Shukri as a lawyer claims that he has the power to proclaim the new Sultan of Kelantan and it can be seen as tarnishing the state Constitution Monarchy.



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