Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to UMP

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
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“Radin, you don’t have to come here personally. I can take it and post it to you.”

Said my friends Mamat and Suhairie the first time I get to UMP again. They’re right actually. Shah Alam and Kuantan are almost 300 km apart and yet I had to come all the way to Kuantan to get the University Completion Letter and Partial Transcript. It is almost not worth it (Because you can actually ask your friends to get it for you). But, this is one of the reasons I went to UMP on past 16th April 2010. I wanted to see some of my friends here and see the changes at my beloved university.

If I not came here personally, I probably did not know that one of my junior, Talhah had actually married! He is still young and yet he has become a husband. He is the classmate to the twin brothers, Putra and Wira, which also my acquaintance. It makes me think a bit that when will my time came. (^_^) Suhairie also ask me did I already prepare to get married. And I gave the same answer, “Wait till I’m 25”.


My first day, I only spend it to settle my job here. It is study week, so the campus was actually pretty quite. I’ve settled the job faster than I’ve expected. Later that day, I’ve met Lee,

“I have found out that my lineage were comes from Asia minor.” Lee said.

He is a malay boy who actually tried to trace back his lineage. He really bonded with a group of foreign student here. No wonder he really excited when he found out about his legacy. Later, I’ve spend my time at Kuantan. I’ve met with two new friends, Fiq and Hendry. Fiq actually is my junior at UMP. We never met at UMP. We’ve actually met in social websites.

These three days probably the best in 2010. (^_^)



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