Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
Welcome to my blog.

In the past month, my posting had reduced significantly (only able to post 4 articles). It is due to the changes of my daily routine. Usually, at 8 am, I will online and update my blog with related article for the day. But, the routine changes after knowing various online games at facebook. For example, Farmville, Airline Manager, TikiResort, Zoo Tycoon and many more (It is just a simple game but it is addictive for some reason). Ok, enough is enough. One game at a time and no more! So, I concentrate on my favorite one, Farmville.


How to build a farm

Welcome to my farm. Basically, you just had to plow the field and harvest the crops. Easy. When you get money from your harvest, you can expand your farm, get a neighbor, and keep a livestock. Here is my farm up until now.

House and other accessories

Horses, goat and sheeps



Flower garden

Fast Money or EXP?

With money, you can buy many tools or accessories for your farm. But, please be aware that some items will only unlocked after you reach a certain level. To increase level you need EXP points. You will get EXP from your plowing and seeding. The more you plow, the more Exp you can get and the faster you leveling up.

EXP Built : Plow as many as you can at your farm. Later, seeds your farm with the fastest growing crops (strawberries and blueberries). Both of them can be harvest after only 4 hours. (Raspberries is the fastest growing crops but seeding it will not grant you any EXP points)

You will get 1 XP from seeding blueberries and strawberries. So, if you can get 190 plowing, you also can get 190 seeding. So, 190 x 2 = 380 XP for each harvest. If you can get three plowing in 12 hours, so 380 x 3 = 1140 XP daily. In the night, it is encouraging to seeds a 12 hours crop like rice.

Money Built : To get fast money, seeds any crops you like. Soybeans and Squash are good starters for beginners.


Either it is addictive or not, it’s up to individual. Nevertheless, it is very fun to see your farm growing day by day. (^_^)

P.S : Don't forget to visit your friend's farm once in a while. Helping them also gives some XP reward.

Temah's farm

Yusrie's farm



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