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Today is the 77th Anniversary for Malaysian Army. Unlike the Royal Malaysian Navy and Royal Malaysian Air-Forces that carry a ‘royal’ title, Malaysian Army following the British Army traditions. The Army is established after a Bill call as Malay Regiment Bill is passed on 23 January 1933 in the Federal Council of Federated Malay States. The First Experimental Malay Company is recruited on 1 March 1933 consist of 25 males. Major G. McI. S. Bruce was the first Commanding Officer.


The Malaysian Army currently consist of 17 Corps or Regiments and grouped into 3 main components; The Combat Element, The Combat Support Element, and The Support Element.

Corps and Regimen :-

  1. Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja (Royal Malay Regiment)
  2. Rejimen Renjer DiRaja (Royal Ranger Regiment)
  3. Kor Armor DiRaja (Royal Armored Corps)
  4. Rejimen Artileri DiRaja (Royal Artillery Regiment)
  5. Rejimen Semboyan DiRaja (Royal Signals Regiment)
  6. Rejimen Gerak Khas (Special Forces Corps)
  7. Kor Perkhidmatan Awam (General Services Corps)
  8. Kor Polis Tentera DiRaja (Royal Military Police Corps)
  9. Kor Kesihatan DiRaja (Royal Medical Corps)
  10. Kor Risik DiRaja (Royal Intelligence Corps)
  11. Kor Perkhidmatan DiRaja (Royal Logistics Corps)
  12. Kor Ordnans DiRaja (Royal Ordnance Corps)
  13. Rejimen Askar Jurutera DiRaja (Royal Engineer Regiment)
  14. Kor Jurutera Lektrik dan Jentera DiRaja (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Corps)
  15. Kor Agama Angkatan Tentera (KAGAT)
  16. Rejimen Askat Wataniah (Territorial Army Regiment)
  17. Pasukan Udara Tentera Darat (Army Air Corps)



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