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The Caliph of Islam

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3 March 1924 was the day when the Muslim Caliphate was abolished. This is the day when the last Caliph of Islam, Caliph Abd Mejid II was deposed and expelled from Turkey with the rest of his family. He died at his house in Boulevard Suchet, Paris XVle, France. He was buried at Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Caliph Abdel Majid II

3 March 2010 mark the 87th years of the abolishment of Caliphate. All Muslim around the world were left without a leader for almost a century and divided into various region, countries and dependencies.


Caliphate is a Muslim form of administration. The leader of the Muslim is called as Caliph. The word Caliph means Successor / Representatives. In other word, The Caliph of Islam is also the successor to the Prophet of Islam. He is styled as “Amir Al-Mukminin” (Commander of the faithful). The Caliph of Islam is not only the leader to the Muslim Nation but also to all Muslim around the world.

The flag of Muslim Nation. The white is for the Muslim Nation and the black is for military


To be the Caliph of Islam, a person must satisfy the following requirement:-
  1. Muslim
  2. Man
  3. Has reached puberty
  4. Sane
  5. Just
  6. Free (not a slave)
  7. Capable to lead the country


Unlike the democracy system that allows the people to popularly-elect their leader and the monarchy system that only allowed one dynasty to be crowned as ruler, the Islamic System used the Syura Council. The new Caliph will be appoint by the Syura Council and if the candidates willing to accept the responsibilities, he will received the Bay’ah.
(It does not popularly-elected and not an inheritance within a family member)

BAIAH / BAY’AH (Arabic: بَيْعَة),

Baiah is also known as the Oath of Allegiance. To become The Caliph of Islam, he must receive the Baiah. (No Caliphate to self-proclaimed Caliph, coup de'tat leader, or rioters). The requirement of Baiah :-
  1. Muslim
  2. Have reached puberty
  3. Sane
  4. With own free will (without coercion)

Baiah consist of two types;
  1. Baiah In’iqad – Oath by the new Caliph (Optional, One must willing to accept the responsibilities as Caliph without coercion.)
  2. Baiah Taat – Oath by the people (Compulsary, the people must made their oath to the new Caliph)


The Caliph of Islam is the Leader of Muslim and Leader to a Muslim Nation. He also has certain responsibilities as a new Caliph.
  1. Preserved the lineage
  2. Preserved the well-being of the people (knowledge, good behavior, etc)
  3. Preserved Honor
  4. Preserved Human Life (All people, Muslim or non-muslim)
  5. Preserved Property (Individual, Raw resources, livestock, agriculture, etc)
  6. Preserved Religion
  7. Preserved Peace and Harmony
  8. Preserved the country

The Caliph of Islam is the Head of the Nation and the Head of the Government in the Muslim Nation. All of his decision is final and cannot be questioned. But, all of his decision MUST be made inside the Syura Council. During the seating of the syura council, the Caliph will ask for the council opinion. The Caliph MUST hear the opinion of all members. (There also a requirement that needs to be followed by the Council. For example, the council MUST not pressure the Caliph. But I think I will post it later..). After the Council has spoken, it’s up to Caliph to decide whether he wants to follow majority, minority or his own decision.

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