Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shining Tears

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The games segment comes again after almost 8 months. My games segment sources primarily come from the PS2 games. And after almost 5 years, our PS2 has already reached its limit. In my discussion with my brother whether he wants to repair the PS2, he just said, “It is better for us to get a PS3 or PSP”.


This month games segment will cover for the RPG games of Shining Tears. It is an action RPG games co-developed Nextech and Amusement Vision and publish by Sega in 2004 for the Sony PlayStation 2.


The game play tells the story of a mysterious boy named Xion. He is the main character and also the character that the player will use. The story start when an elven girl, Elwin finds Xion washed up on the shore of the river. When Xion wakes up, he finds that he in The Heroes’ Hearth, the tavern located at the town Heroes’ Way.

Xion can’t remember what happen and can only remember his name when Elwin and Pios questioned him. Later, they found out two strange rings in his hands. Pios later investigate the ring and presumed that it was a legendary Twin Dragon Rings. Discarding the thought, Pios investigates more on the rings as Xion falls asleep.

Even Pios has forbids Xion and Elwyn to used the rings, both of them desperately had to used them in one night to saved themselves from a wild wolves. Later they discover the hidden power in the ring. Eventually, they had to use the ring in nation warfare in order to save the country. The Heroes’ Hearth later is joining by other warriors. The lists of the warrior available are Xion, Elwyn, Lazarus, Neige, Mao, Ryuna, Keiner, Volg, and Cupido.



The game play is actually quite simple. You just have to run around the field and defeat the enemy group by group. When you have defeated a certain number of enemies, a green flag will appear at the end of the field so you can advance into another field. It is quite easy in a wide area but in a narrow area, it is can prove difficult and sometime can prove fatal.



In the early stage, I only play alone. But then, my brother realizes that we can play dual, and until the end, my brother and I teaming with each other to fight the enemies. The game play is long and there are many wars that you must engage before you reach the final boss. Sometimes I feel really weird, with all those fighting, we only manage to get a maximum level of 40??



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