Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MS Oasis of the Seas

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How are you feeling this day? Better I hope. I actually like this time of years, because it keep raining in my hometown. Possibly due to the changes of monsoon wind and the temperature has slightly drop. It gets colder. Not so cold actually, As Malaysia is a tropical country, we only have only two seasons, Dry and Rainy season. Or in Malay we called it as “Musim Kemarau” (Dry Season) and “Musim Tengkujuh” (Rainy Season).

Today topic is about the World’s Largest Passenger Vessel in the world today, The MS Oasis of the Seas.

(picture from Utusan Harian)

I was just about to search my next topic for the blog when I see the article about the ship in ‘Utusan Harian’ Newspaper. The Oasis of the seas just passing the Great Belt Fixed Link Bridge on her way from Baltic to Florida. The ship cost is about $US 1.5 billion and have the size five times bigger than the Titanic. It is the first of her class and probably joining with its sister ship The Allure of the Seas.

Onboard, it has seven themed neighborhoods, and also features zip-line, a casino, a mini-golf course, four swimming pools, volleyball and basketballs courts, theme park and nurseries for children. It also has 2700 cabins and can accommodate 2100 crew.

The previous holder of World’s Largest Passenger Vessel is Freedom-class cruise ships.



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